BIZ: Entrepreneurship for Change | Akhilesh Khakar | TEDxBrooklynTechHS

BIZ: Entrepreneurship for Change | Akhilesh Khakar | TEDxBrooklynTechHS

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Check This Out: Entrepreneurship for Change | Akhilesh Khakar | TEDxBrooklynTechHS

At such a young age, Akhilesh has definitely made a name for himself in the world of entrepreneurship with his largely successful app called “PrepUP”, which is a competitive test prep app for high schoolers. He’s gone to many conferences around the world and spoken abundantly about his work. Akhilesh has learned that entrepreneurship is taking a whole new direction, one for the better. He believes that it can be used as a method to bring about societal change. Akhilesh Khakhar is a passionate and determined student entrepreneur. He is the President of PrepUP, LLC – Revolutionizing test prep by bringing people together to study. PrepUP: The New SAT and ACT Prep App is an educational app for High School students in an effort to help them ace the SAT and ACT in a fun way with their friends. PrepUP was the top 5 educational app in several countries and has been featured by Apple over 15 times. Akhilesh Khakhar was the i.Invest National Youth Entrepreneur of the Year, won the Babson Boston Cup pitch competition, and was named Crain’s 20 Under 20. Akhilesh loves to share his entrepreneurial experiences and has lectured to the Summer Study students at Babson College and is scheduled to speak at Futuros Empreendedores, in Sao Paulo Brasil. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


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