Business Tips: How to Gain a Following By Creating Content & Context

Business Tips: How to Gain a Following By Creating Content & Context

Awesome Tip: How to Gain a Following By Creating Content & Context

As seen on #AskGaryVee Episode 8 –

Q. What’s the best way to grow a following or community from nothing?

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23 Replies to “Business Tips: How to Gain a Following By Creating Content & Context”

  1. +Gary Vaynerchuck so
    1. Put out as much content as possible
    2. Keep conversing with people to build a community around your content
    I started doing that 6 months ago and am building followers very slowly.. Any tips to help my content reach more people? Insta: @rajstarmusic
    Thank you!!

  2. I am trying to reach people and educate them about addiction prevention, I have made a few videos called the "pursuit of prevention" this topic means so much to me I'm just not sure how to get people interested enough to watch… even tho the information could save people's loves. Any advice would be so greatly appreciated.

  3. I always talk about the three sees when teaching Graphic Design and Advertising: Creativity, Context, and Consistency. You need to be consistent in the quality of work/content you put out as well consistently keep creating it. People don't do this and wonder why they struggle to become successful. Be Creative and do things differently instead of worrying about what other people are doing or if it's been done. Bring something new to the table! Context, understand the audience and what is appropriate to the situation.

    If you can do these three things success becomes a matter of patience.

  4. been following your advice like crazy, and it's working! Now I am working on figuring out when it is the best time to engage on Twitter and other social media platforms. Got any resources for best timing? Thanks a lot. 

  5. great video Gary! i have a question – ive noticed a huge trend of artist in particular adopting Meme and vine video posting on their facebook pages to gain a following and after every say 100 memes they post a link to their youtube/twitter etc – it seems to work somewhat – your thoughts?

  6. Love these "snapshots" of questions. I was going to ask if you were building a "directory" or "table of contents" that is searchable by topic at some point (on perahps?) I've had multiple times where I wanted to refer to something you've said but can't remember from which awesome #AskGaryVee  episode. Keep up the great work! (DRock, Alex, India, Stunwin, others included)

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