Organic Protein Powder Better

Organic Protein Powder Better

Organic Protein Powder Better | Whey Protein Isolate vs. Concentrate: What’s the Difference?

Learn what Whey Protein Powder is derived from and the difference between isolate and concentrate.

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22 Replies to “Organic Protein Powder Better”

  1. the key factor when choosing a protein powder seems to be the percentage of real/complete protein per serving size (scoop). apparently if it is in the high 70 to 80% and above mark, it is worth having. some isolates will reach that mark where most concentrates fall into the mid 60% (and lower for some of the cheaper products) range. the calculation to determine the actual pure protein yield is very simple: you just divide the grams of protein per serving (scoop) by the grams per serving. the main thing, i think, is to choose a product that yields both a high percentage of actual protein per serving coupled with a high amino acid content; specifically the essential amino acids.

  2. NzW (New Zealand Whey) Isolate, been using it lately and awesome stuff.

    Most of the proteins comes from China and is loaded with sucralose, aspartame, used for flavouring. Also the cows are given synthetic hormones and they cows in NA don't eat grass year round, they are given feed which may affect the milk product which whey comes from.

  3. I'm a skinny guy! Which whey is good for me? I've been using weight gainer for last 2 months didn't get much results. I want to increase my size rather than increasing my weight! So which whey is good for me?!

  4. i used many protein powder from optimum ,muscle pharm,dymatize whey but after few weeks starts giving me diarrhea ,stomach upset  and all money goes waste though i eat diary products i dont think i have lactose intolerance……i  thinking to buy organic whey  from grass fed cows will this work ?

  5. The best powder I've found (and use every day) is Jarrod Formulas pure whey, unflavored. It has only the 'essential' proteins and will not give you any bloating or gas. Just stuff a whole vanilla bean in the tub to flavor it.

  6. I know a whole lot more about whey protein than I knew 20 minutes ago — thanks! I saw the whey isolate at Costco $50 for two 4 pound containers, but your video has me concerned over the lack of fat (you said the fat helps digest the protein). Also, at 6:50 you said Whey Factors has 15 grams of fat. I have a container of Whey Factors so I looked at the label to find it contains only 2 grams of fat (non-denatured, microfiltered).

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