Organic Protein Powder Bodybuilding

Organic Protein Powder Bodybuilding


Here is my honest review of what i think is the best protein vegan protein powder for women and men who are serious lifters.It is this brand new Nanox Conquest V6 vegan bodybuilding protein powder I have been using. This new vegan friendly protein come from Nanox a Belgium based company and has a great amino acid profile, boasting a very high Net protein utilization rate and 90% pure protein isolate coming from yellow peas, lactose free, gluten free, cruelty free and relatively cheap vegan bodybuilding protein powder.
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6 Replies to “Organic Protein Powder Bodybuilding”

  1. Hello Mike! I have bought this protein powder, got the idea from you. 🙂
    I have a tiny "problem" with it… FYI, TMI follows… :)) If I blend it in anything, smoothie, oats etc, I will get constipated, as in, hard stool at the beginning, frequency remains the same between 1-3 times/day. It does not help to drink more water, using it in stuff that isn't dry etc. The only way I have discovered that it does not have this effect is if I drink it with a liquid, for example water, I think I have tried it also with plant milk, and this to be done on an empty stomach, to avoid the possibility of mixing it with fiber.
    I'm a bit sad about this, as I can't use it in and on top of stuff… (I discovered this while I was away from home, away from the protein powder, and having normal stools, and after coming back home, I was eating the same stuff as when I was away, but with the addition of the powder… I experimented with this and it's confirmed for me…)
    Do you have an idea of why this happens? I have no problem with the hemp protein powder, but this destroys my back-end. :))

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