Organic Protein Powder Bodybuilding

Organic Protein Powder Bodybuilding

Organic Protein Powder Bodybuilding | What a NATURAL BODYBUILDER looks like.

What a NATURAL BODYBUILDER looks like. Listen to fitness expert Kelly Brown breakdown his natural look and how he achieves it.
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I made this video because I wanted people to see what a natural Bodybuilder looks like. I have won my pro card in a natural organization “SNBF” in the men’s physique category. My next challenge is to compete in a non drug tested NPC event in the (Classic Physique) division to see how I rank. I am 5’11.5 and currently weigh between 205-210 depending on the day. Social media will show you a lot of great physiques, we tend to compare ourselves a lot. the question is, are we giving ourselves a FAIR comparison.

If you are new into bodybuilding, and have no clue how far your body can go NATURALLY, Look at me so that you may do so. I workout EXTREMELY HARD, Do fasted cardio DAILY, I drink Gin all the time, and I have a regular job. I also compete as a hobby. So feel free to use me as a gauge to see how close, far, or surpassed me you are. Im not OPPOSED to getting any “Gear”. I just want to see how far i can go naturally FIRST. – Kelly Brown

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45 Replies to “Organic Protein Powder Bodybuilding”

  1. You look fucking good mate. I wish I look similar one day. I'm twenty seven and been lifting for a year now without seeing any crazy difference. Hopefully in my early thirties I will look like that.

  2. I wish I was genetically modified for my body to produce like insane amounts of testosterone (or what ever is needed) without my body taking damage. Would be nice.

  3. Ppl are so dumb.
    Person#1: Congrats that looks 100% natty and achievable without roids.Nice.(if you think not you're either lazy/not dedicated/doing something wrong)
    Person#2: You're a fool if you think he is natty. You can take steroids in small amounts to look like that. Lol ->where's the proof he's natty? If no proof then he's on steroids<-…..oh the irony. I guess with there being no concrete proof of him being natty you can't say he's natty but with no concrete proof I can say he is on steroids and that will be fact. 🙂 Retardation at it's finest. Don't get me wrong he's big (bigger than me) but not on the level as being natty would be out of the question.

  4. Black people seem to have better genetics for upper body, especially shoulders compared to whites. And white people tend to have better genetics for legs, especially calves.

  5. A lot of people in these comments saying he’s on roids because of his shoulders and traps. That’s just genetic. It’s like some people hav freaky calves and some barely have any. I have an uncle who’s been training for 20 + years naturally and he’s bigger than this guy.

  6. Yeah the dead give-away for juicers is the mad veins all over the place. Back when Arnie competed, his body looked clean. Probably cos they were just early development and noone really used them at every single stage

  7. Not to discredit your physique or work ethic, but natural bodybuilding is a fucking joke…Been lifting naturally for 10+ years myself and it absolutely sucks. Anyone who is half decent at competing is not a lifetime natural.

  8. so…huge shoulders just like u traps.. very hairy…zero hairs in u head yeah bro u definately natty..guys for god sake just don't believe everything u see in the internet steroids doesn't make u look in a certain way for example phill hi th or kai forget that bul…it I only wrote that for the younger kids don't have fake expectations..I bet my leaver that this guy isn't natural just go and take a test and saw us the results if u offcurse dare and I give u everything that u want I swear money everything just prove me wrong…I'm not hear for hate just to tell the truth hope u all guys have a great day sorry for my english

  9. What is considered natural? I have heard some people say you can take anything that isn’t anabolic steroids so you can take all kinds of supplements like what you would buy at gnc. But some people say you can only take protein powders.

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