Organic Protein Powder Brands

Organic Protein Powder Brands

Organic Protein Powder Brands | Post Workout Whey Protein Shake – Whey Protein Isolate Drink – Oats Recipes For Weight Loss

post workout whey protein shake, post workout protein drink with oats and banana, body building after workout drink. meal replacement protein shake, Whey protein isolate powder is a fast digesting protein that helps to repair your muscle after a workout. If you are a beginner, 1 scoop whey protein powder is needed, for advanced, 1 /2 to 2 scoops would be ideal.
Almonds: 12-15
Water: 1 cup
1 banana
3 tbsp roasted rolled oats
1 tbsp peanut butter
1 scoop whey protein isolate powder
1 tsp cacao nibs
1 tsp roasted rolled oats
Whey Protein Isolate I used in this recipe:
The Blender I Used:
Old Fashioned Rolled Oats:
Cacao Nibs:
You can use any brand of oats.
Why you need to roast the oats?
whole oats even though are lightly cooked contains small amounts of phytic acid which may cause digestion issues, stomach upsets for some. So, soaking the oats in an acidic medium or lightly toasting it is highly recommend for good digestion.
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  1. With all due respect, this doesn't qualify as a 'post workout' shake just because it has whey protein in it. It is important for everyone to know that if you workout, you're not allowed to consume fat before and immediately after workout. This is because the fat that we consume hinders the protein absorption. This is why you're not even allowed to have milk right after your workout; let alone peanut butter.

  2. Hi Mam, your shakes and tea are awesome. I follow them regularly. Being thyroid patient it's hard to loose weight. Recently I am going for a vacation for 15 days in Bengal. And being a foodie I can't continue with all the shakes and tea. At least give me some tips so that I do not gain weight. Pls madam

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