Organic Protein Powder Bulk

Organic Protein Powder Bulk

Organic Protein Powder Bulk | Easy Homemade Mass Gainer Shake | Muscle Building Smoothie

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48 Replies to “Organic Protein Powder Bulk”

  1. oatmeal? goatmeal? uh, it could be more delicious, up by 90% at little loss of nutritional quality if the grainy stuff was subsidised by the rest of the ingredients.

  2. Been struggling to get past 150lbs, I'm completely lean at that but I'm already eating 4000 calories a day. I work out 5 days a week but I also average about 7 miles and 15 floors climbed since I work as a server as well….The struggle is real, I might need to just fucking double my carb intake or something lmao

  3. “Let’s give this a taste”
    “Alright, lets try this!”
    “You guys ready?!”
    “Im gonna drink this”
    “Here we go!”
    “You ready”
    “Alright lets go!”
    “Lets drink this”

  4. 1500 is too much for one meal an unnecessary
    Most people who have worked out a year should be on about 3000 to 3500 calories that's around 800 to 900 calories per meal for 4 meals which is very easy a 1500 calorie shake will block you up give you gas and bloat may also give you diarrhea
    Shake should be around 800 to 900
    1cup oats
    Cup of full cream milk
    2 whole eggs
    Protein powder
    Blue berries
    Tblspn peanut butter
    That's it next meals can be just 200g chicken 1 cup rice and 1 cup of green veggies that should be around 800 if you add some oil walnuts etc
    You dont need that much food
    If your gaining weight it's more likely bad form in the gym

  5. Digestion is improved by mastication. If you only drink a massive shake, your body is absolutely not prepare to digest the nutrients. To digest your food you have to chew chew chew your food. Don't forget, the food you eat is not the food you absorb = low nutrients intake // a lot of nutrients to the toilets and digestion getting bad over time

  6. Man I just want a nice mass gainer that I can open a bag, throw a scoop in my shaker, and slam within 30 seconds. If only they weren't so unhealthy, I don't want to have to recreate a new shake every time I want one.

  7. Idk I feel like you don’t even use this yourself, will this get me mass. Both times you took a sip you cut the video of you actually showing you took a real sip and swallowed

  8. His protein shake actually looks like it tastes good compared to the others I've seen. I'm going to give this a try; I want to eat more natural instead of the supplements

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