Organic Protein Powder Calories

Organic Protein Powder Calories

Organic Protein Powder Calories | Protein Powder Review | Bone Broth Recipe + Gut Healing Supplement

Protein Powder Review | Bone Broth Recipe + Gut Healing Supplement. In this video I answer: How to improve skin and gut health with bone broth! What is bone broth? Why bone broth protein? The benefits of bone broth and bone broth protein recipes. I share with you my favourite bone broth protein powders (vanilla, greens and pure) by Ancient Nutrition and explain how it has helped me through my gut healing journey. I suffer with: PCOS, leaky gut syndrome and candida yeast overgrowth and adding bone broth to my protocol has helped my skin and gut health A LOT!

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28 Replies to “Organic Protein Powder Calories”

  1. I just bought the ancient nutrition bone broth protein vanilla. I'm getting ready to send it back. Something in it didn't agree with me. I got a stomach and headache after I had taken in my smoothie. I'm so disappointed I was hoping it would work for me. I watched your video today and I'm going to try the organika enhanced collagen. Hope I can take this one.

  2. I’ve been suffering from what I think is leaky gut for about two and a half years now… this video was uploaded a year ago how do you feel now do these products really work ? I want to go back to how I use to feel 🙁

  3. Hey Shaz! I’m Canadian as well and they only have the Turmeric – Ancient Nutrition flavour on Amazon. I was wondering if the Sports Research brand is just as good as the Ancient Nutrition brand? Thanks! 🙂

  4. I loved your video. I was looking for more information on bone broth and I appreciate your honest delightful take on it. I will certainly be adding bone broth to my regime. Good luck in your journey.

    All the best, Dani

  5. Great video! I bought a sample and love it! Can you put the intesti-new in hot water? Mine says to put into room temperature water. However, yours is a different color than mine. My intesti-new is blue not white.

  6. Thank god for your channel! You're so helpful. Thanks especially for your video on the confusing approach to candid overgrowth (HCLF vs no sugar diets). That got to me as well for a while, but in my experience so far the protein+good fats+greens approach is more doable longterm.

  7. Hey Shazness Wellness! I truly appreciate your review on these products. I am suffering leaky gut and now maybe hypothryodism issues even though I have not been diagnosed. I am actually buying these from Dr. Axe's website that is the same company that make his products.

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