Organic Protein Powder Cancer

Organic Protein Powder Cancer

Organic Protein Powder Cancer | Smart Tips – What To Eat During Cancer Recovery by Dr. Nalini Chilkov

Dr. Nalini Chilkov, Healthy Medicine & Cancer Expert of shares a smart tip about what to eat during recovery from cancer surgery and chemotherapy.

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Are you confused about what you should be eating during chemotherapy treatment and in recovery from surgery? Here is a smart tip about the most important nutrient that you need to include in your diet, to heal well after surgery, and to withstand the stresses of chemotherapy. After surgery and during chemotherapy, you need a concentrated, high quality source of protein. This is important for supporting immune function and for good wound repair. I recommend using a high quality whey powder, in a smoothie, or in a shake. Whey protein has several important qualities. #1, it’s very concentrated. #2, it’s easy to digest. #3, it supports your immune function. And #4, it is a super antioxidant, increasing Glutathione, which is your body’s own cancer-fighting antioxidant. You can find high quality whey proteins in health food stores. I’m Dr. Nalini Chilkov, Cancer and Wellness Medicine Expert. For a wealth of information on health and integrative cancer care, please visit my blog at and download my free report. Thanks for watching “Smart Tips”!


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