Organic Protein Powder Cancer

Organic Protein Powder Cancer

Organic Protein Powder Cancer | Follow-Up: Vegan Mock Meats, Protein Powder Safety + Protein and Cancer Risk! – Cory McCarthy –

Cory McCarthy

A follow-up to comments, questions and concerns about vegan mock meats, the safety of protein powders, and whether protein can increase the risk of cancers. With Cory McCarthy.

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29 Replies to “Organic Protein Powder Cancer”

  1. Hey Cory would you mind reviewing this article I found regarding amino acid supplementation?
    According to the article, taking amino acid supplements causes competition for protein transport receptors and the body is unable to absorb all the amino acids from protein supplements at once, therefore it could be possible that we could be wasting our money on supplements. If protein supplements aren't approved by the FDA how do I know that taking additional protein supplements and BCAAs help build muscle? However, it could be argued that amino acid supplementation, such as glutamine might be beneficial in the medical community for patients who get AIDS, undergo chemo or surgery. Personally for myself I do take soy isolate protein, l-leucine, and creatine as I am pursuing strength and power orientated goals. But I would love to hear your response.

  2. Disregarding the macro-nutritional-values in the mock meat brands you mentioned, what are their polyunsaturated fat ratios? All brands I've looked at contain either olive, canola, soy, rapeseed, or any other oil high in O6. But that can also be said about 99% of ALL processed foods.

  3. Really good video, I have similar goals to you so I take a lot of protein too, do u think the optimal way to build muscle is low volume high frequency full body workouts, it obviously works really well for Richard, and I do agree with the idea that natural lifters only get protein synthesis for 24-48 hours so it does make sense to hit every muscle 3 times per week.

  4. I like Morio Hagaonna's (Goju Ryu Master) take on nutrition for turning your body into a weapon =)  Carbs and Protein, Rice and Vegetables. (He used to love pork and fish, but has stated that as he's getting older he prefers to eat more vegetables.)

  5. Great video man ! Gotta get ma proteinnnn, I also require higher protein or else my recovery suffers a lot and so do ma gainzz. I do feel better on pea protein instead of soy protein though that is for sure. I do not think that there is sufficient or let alone strong evidence against higher plant protein consumption.

  6. Great Vid Cory. It is always good to hear a different take on diet and protein supplementation. Some people really like to bash that a real vegan wouldn't eat mock meat. I don't see any harm in it, it is ok from time to time and can work for convenience. As you said it fits the macros of your diet and it helps you meet your goals

  7. I think high amounts of soy protein isolate in particular can be an issue as it has been shown to raise IGF-1 levels which could potentially increase cancer risk. I just recommend staying away from protein powders in general as they are nutritionally deficient and whole foods are better. Pea, rice, or hemp based powders are also probably a better choice over soy. Great video bro

  8. Good Vid! Make another video covering the effect of higher protein on the Kidneys! Honestly, I notice a difference taking protein vs lower protein diets. It's almost a linear line of growth. Would have to assume it is from hormones spiking all over the place… not because you're actually utilizing all the extra protein or whatever. Whatever the case, it works! I prefer to keep it pretty natty by eating mainly whole foods and fruits. I personally don't worry about carb intake – in fact I encourage it. Fat is low, and protein is slowly being raised over time with Soymilk etc. I don't stress about getting a meat substitute each meal at night, but then again I eat a LOT of beans.

  9. I'd think milk products would be the real demon in the mTOR production, moreso casein, given it's longer duration. Even if mTOR has a short half-life, casein and other high leucine/slow release foods might keep it elevated longer.
    Of course, this is all speculation. I'll have to look around and see what, if any info I can find on it.

  10. i never understand the whole bad carb thing, beans when you take out the fiber are not very high in carbs, i can get low bodyfat levels while eating carbs, i tend to keep my fat low. calorie restriction seems to be the biggest factor for me, not limiting carbs. i eat mainly whole foods, ad very little mock meats, because of the sodium. i do eat tofu now though.

  11. Extremely informative video Cory. I always learn a lot from your videos. I actually had a few pounds of TN's Vegan optimizer sitting in my cabinet but I was a bit intimidated to use it because of the whole IGF-1 things but what you mentioned about the transient spike makes a lot of sense. I also was having trouble wrapping my head around why plant proteins would cause an increase in cancer risk because so much of the data I've seen in Dr Gregors videos has shown otherwise

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