Organic Protein Powder Cancer

Organic Protein Powder Cancer

Organic Protein Powder Cancer | Can Cancer Survivors Use Vegan Protein Powder?

Vegan protein powder may be right for you, and it can make sense for cancer patients and survivors to use vegan protein powder.

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– Orgain:
– SunWarrior:

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13 Replies to “Organic Protein Powder Cancer”

  1. Chris, I'd love to have you try the Arbonne plant-based, vegan protein shakes to see what you think in comparison to the ones you tried. Let me know if you are open to it and I will send you some samples. Thanks!

  2. My father has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer (no metastasis though) and he's been on a raw vegetable juice fast for the last one month.. He's 74, underweight and quite frail.. He takes a protein shake (all plant protein powder from Nutralite) once everyday… But it contains wheat (which, I guess, is acidic)… Should he continue with that..?? Everything else that he takes throughout the day is alkaline— (Wheatgrass powder juice as the first thing in the morning, lemon juice, carrot beetroot juice, cucumber juice, papaya juice, papaya leaf tea, green tea, a few other greens, a cup of pomegranate juice in the evening and a good amount of garlic and ginger too.)
    Without the protein shake, he looks all the more frail and weak.. So should he continue with that…?? Will it feed his cancer…?? That's the last thing we want..

  3. Since going Vegan i have found it easier to build lean muscle. I train 6 days a week and use Vegan protein powder in my morning smoothie along with Vegan BCAA powder and Vegan Glutamine powder. Im actually stronger now at 41 than i was at 21. I've always been active so i put it down to becoming Vegan. My cholesterol has plummeted also. Just wondering what your opinion is on turkeytail mushroom powder and chaga mushroom powder. I take both

  4. I got a question for you, but not about vegan protein powder. I have a spot on my prostate and the Doc told me I had prostate cancer. Gleason score of 7, and that was about 2 years ago. I've been trying this and that, and I'm not sure has anything work. My question to you is this…I have a nutribullet, a juicer is not in the budget right now. Can I add juices like carrot juice, and other juices I buy from ALDI for instance, they have a pomegrante blueberry blend, or other anti oxidants juices, and how about adding beets?

  5. I am not sold on the fact that you need any protein powders. Isolated protein probably isn't good for you no matter if it is vegan or not. It sounds like you need calories and empty calories may possibly help that but it might as well be carbs.

    Consider this youtube video:
    "The Dangerous Truth About Protein" – Janice Stanger, Ph.D.

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