Organic Protein Powder Capsules

Organic Protein Powder Capsules

Organic Protein Powder Capsules | What Maca Did to my Body..

Upon taking Maca for a hormonal imbalance, I noticed that Maca had improved my bust shape and size!
I went up a whole cup..and even look decent without a bra on lol

I definitely weren’t looking for this result but wth I’ll take it 🙂

For those of you who can’t get to your local health food store, I have partnered up with because of their vast supply of various types of Maca. They have it in powder, pill, or liquid drops.

Maca Root pills:

Organic Raw Maca Root Powder:

Maca Root Liquid Drops:


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36 Replies to “Organic Protein Powder Capsules”

  1. Okay I confess I'm a Christian but I firmly (no pun intended) believe in the right of every woman to have decent sized breasts (like B or larger) and I further confess that at 74 years old I covet yours girl!!! Will Maca root help me get at least a B cup or at very least give them a lift even at my age?

  2. I have been having the best results wit maca root I started off a 34b I'm currently a 36c I did do it for breast growth I took both pills and powder 2 maca pills plus 2 fenugreek and 3 tablespoons of the powder in a smoothie

  3. To make everything works I hear it all the time is to clean your colon so it goes to your system 100 percent instead of minimal effects how can I clean my colon please and detox regular stuff

  4. so….I started taking these, 98 capsules ago. At fir, I was only taking 2 capsules, which added up to only 1,000mg. I did feel any drastic changes but, I was able to finaly clear my insides the pottyroom. I was grateful for that because of my medications. Here recently, though, I've increased it to 4 capsules giving me a total 2,000mg and holy moly, as in the reviews i've watched, THERE IT IS!! There is what everyone is speaking about!!! ALMOST, a little too much energy and yes, I can feel a difference in special areas. I haven't measured anything but, one day, i was in the mirror and i was feeling on my buttocks and i was feeling a firmness that i don't remember ever feeling. Obviously, that made me feel on my breast to see and once floppy like feeling, they also had a firmness in the too!! I wasn't even paying attention! HEEEEEEEEY! I personally use Madre Nature gelantinized Red Maca 100% & natural Max Strength 1000mg (no link because I do not sell or promote it but I grabbed it from Amazon.)

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