Organic Protein Powder Cause Acne

Organic Protein Powder Cause Acne

Organic Protein Powder Cause Acne | Does Protein Cause Acne?

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Does protein cause acne? Excessive protein causes the body to become more acidic which will cause acne. At the same time your body needs protein to be healthy and rebuild itself so I recommend getting protein from healthy sources such as nuts, greek yogurt, organic free-range grass fed meat and quinoa.
These are beneficial and healthy sources of protein. I don’t recommend that you use or take any protein powders such as whey protein because these can cause your body to become excessive with protein which causes acidity. I just recommend healthy sources of a balanced amount in your diet.

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34 Replies to “Organic Protein Powder Cause Acne”

  1. Wow I watched too many of your videos until I realized you were full of it. I could click off, but I HAVE to inform you, I have a degree in animal science and I've hand raised over a dozen chickens…the color of eggs is dependent on the breed of chicken it comes from, it has nothing to do with dyes or bleaching. People just associate brown eggs as 'healthier' because they're more expensive. Brown egg layers tend to not lay as much as white egg layers, simple economics people. Supply/demand…also everything else was wrong. A simple google search could have saved this nightmare of a video. Sorry man, I know you have good intentions, but do us a favor and don't make any more of these. They're incredibly misleading.

  2. I don't recommend it, I don't recommend it because it's a dairy based product and that isn't good for the skin or health overall in most cases… I would recommend searching google for "David acne erasing secrets whey protein" and you'll find an article I wrote about this with other recommendations for muscle building.

  3. I'm actually posting a blog post on clean sources of protein to build muscle and not cause more acne at the same time next week so look for it on the blog b/c that will help a lot.
    I'd cut out sugar, and grains… but you can have grains like quinoa which are fine and will help you not lose muscle mass.
    Also, I link to 'clean sources of protein' on my aes store… ask this question on this facebook page if you want and I will link you to it.

  4. Hello.. I really hope you'll answer this question.
    So basically I'm an all american high school football player which means i have to have a good amount of muscle.. However to gain muscle i should consume at least 150 grams of protein per day.
    The problem however, is that i also have acne and I'm affraid I have to chose between clear skin, and playing football on a high level. So du you think cutting out sugars and grains will be enough for me?

    Thanks a lot for your help, sir.

  5. Collagen itself is what creates new skin and keeps it healthy… if you have too much protein it will just cause acidity in the body but the collagen itself doesn't directly cause acne (from my research) the collagen is something your skin needs to create new skin… that's all. People that have scars, aged skin (older people) don't have as collagen production as healthy as it once was.

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