Organic Protein Powder Causes Gas

Organic Protein Powder Causes Gas

Organic Protein Powder Causes Gas | The Good & Bad News of Eating Spinach

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Dr. Berg talks about the health benefits of spinach.
It’s rich in iron, magnesium, vitamin K and C and folic acid, B2, B6. It supports the eyes preventing macular degeneration and good for inflammation.

However, spinach has oxylates, which can cause kidney stones.
You can steam your spinach, you can add lemon juice, potassium citrate and adding calcium (bind with oxylates in the digestive system). But make sure spinach is organic to prevent chemicals.
However, the health benefits of spinach are huge.

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25 Replies to “Organic Protein Powder Causes Gas”

  1. I was 19 years old (a year ago) when i had a CT scan done & found that i had a 5.0mm kidney stone lodged in my kidney. My hollistic doctor told me that i shouldn’t have fully formed kidney stones while being so young, so he believed that i must have an oxalate sensitivity. So for the past year i’ve cut out high oxalate foods and restricted myself to a low oxalate diet, while also taking a Kidney Cleanse supplement he suggested (from Sunergetics) would help not only to keep new stones from forming but also would help to dissolve the stone. After a year i took another CT scan (for other reasons) and found that compared to last year, my kidney stone had been reduced to 4.1mm from 5.0mm. Jesus Christ, almost one full mm!!! All my Kaiser doctors kept telling me “kidney stones don’t dissolve they only get bigger,” yeah well tell that to my compared CT scans HAHA!!!

  2. So my Dad has had kidney stones all his life and I was curious, if I eat spinach will my chances increase to have kidney stones because of it being passed down to me from my Dad? I don’t wanna increase my chances at all by eating spinach. As I write this I’m eating some right now lol.

  3. Fudge that I'm eat more spinach apparently everything is bad these days , grains , kale will mess up your thyroids, to much meat , not enough meat, fish has mercury , milk has xenoestrogen. So I'm do me and I say forget vegan forget keto. I'ma eat both and avoid what they both agree on sugar , and process foods. As for the spinach delima it's called balance to much oxygen in your air will probably burn you, that's why we evolved to take in nitrogen too. I don't deny there are cases where spinach isn't good for the individual, but this paralysis by analysis of to much information is bad too.

  4. Somewhat anemic, inflammation, low amount of meat in my diet these days, so I crave spinach. Typical breakfast for me: spinach salad, vinegar dressing, citrus (grapefruit, lemon, lime, or orange), often with nuts or granola cereal in the salad; then a couple apples or pear, chocolate, black tea.

  5. This guy has singularly destroyed any concept of good healthy food… To him everything is harmful and ought to be avoided…. I think the more you avoid his gloomy videos the better for your spirits…

  6. So this is why I don't eat from the chenopod family every single day. Nor do I eat from the solanaceae family every day. (Potatoes are the big draw there, of course.) It's a good idea to not overdo most foods… If you're going to overdo certain food groups, perhaps the asteraceae, apiaceae, rosaceae, rutaceae, brassicaceae, lauraceae, lamiaceae, cucurbitaceae, vitaceae, moraceae, fabiaceae, fagales, anacardiaceae, and other such plant families can be indulged in a bit more often, without side effects down the road. But honestly, I mean unless you're eating a LOT of beets, chard, spinach, etc., getting kidney stones is kinda unlikely, esp. if you don't overdo soda, etc. as well…

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