Organic Protein Powder Consumer Reports

Organic Protein Powder Consumer Reports

Organic Protein Powder Consumer Reports | Protein Drink Caution | Consumer Reports

Companies tout protein drinks as a scientifically proven way to build muscle, get a quick energy boost and lose weight. But a Consumer Reports’ investigation finds health concerns. Find more diet and nutrition advice on our health website:


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  1. A can of tuna provides 32 grams.  Determine what you need to intake outside of your normal meals and eat that much every day.  Why spend so much money when tuna is super cheap.

  2. Thats not really true, at all. unless are u talking about cardio?… If you damage your muscle fibers without consuming enough protein to replace them, your not going to get anywhere. Ideally you need a gram of protein per pound of bodyweight..

  3. Things like protein supplements work… only if you work out hard enough for them. 30 mins of some light work out and a mild sweat for the average person is not enough to require a protein drink. You need large muscles that need lots of protein to repair themselves for it to be effective. So if you are just starting out at lifting weights and don't have much muscle mass the protein from your steak dinner is enough, the protein drink is just extra calories to you.

  4. There are only 2 times it really makes sense to drink a protein shake.

    1. After waking up (you just went 8 hours or more without nutrients and need a protein that is quickly absorbed)
    2. After a workout.

    Otherwise all of your protein should come from whole foods.

  5. when i buy protein i usually get it from the supermarket instead of a bodybuilding store such as Popeyes. mainly because they offer more natural ones. the ones at bodybuilding stores are full of 'extras' that you dont want and are twice the price

  6. whole eggs can be bad, there showing use eggs with the yolk and if you had 3 egg yolks you be in another health problem. There is no winning with these kind of people. Can't eat this or that or no no no thats bad for you.
    Well what can i eat? Air? or is that bad for you too.

  7. #1 a balanced diet is not cheaper then buying a tub of protein powder that lasts for a month. #2 Protein drinks are harmless. #3 anything in extreme amounts will hurt you. Sure eating right is the best source of protein, but when are they the most conveniant? NO!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Yeah, these things are a waste of money though, just eat right… No really, they just want your money, the average American diet has nearly 2 times the amount of protein that the body needs because we eat red meat on a near daily basis. Excess protein causes dehydration. You might as well just flush your money down the toilet. Seriously heavy metals are bad, it is probably safer to mine asbestos, at least avoid the brands containing the heavy metals. All these complainers must work for EAS.

  9. for fuck sake. it says on the tubs do not drink more than 1 or 2 a day. for me its 1 in the morning when i wake up after my run and after my workout in the afternoon. no problems for me. i use all protein drinks and i stay away from creatine because i am actually smart. i see kids in my grade taking hardcore creatine for 2 scoops and they complain why their liver hurts i tell them but they are idiots.

  10. i just eat chicken or tuna with a banana and glass of milk after working out just as much protein as the powder i got. and it don't give me the shits, ooow i tried one mma powder made my shit look like rusty water lol i do have week guts tho so i aint saying that there all bad

  11. They ARE correct, many protein powders do have a lot of heavy metals,
    Personally i use complete whey (from cytosport) for a while now, i know it's not better then a balanced meal, guess what, i eat 6-7 fully balanced meals a day, the only time i consume protein p. is what my workouts (with dextrose or a banana), anything can cause problems if not used correctly, people should start realizing that you have to KNOW how to and WHEN to use ta product before actually taking it.

  12. Yeah, balanced meals are better. If you have the time and money to prepare 6 meals a day that give the same amount of protein as a shake WITHOUT having any of the meals consisting of more calories than a shake, if protein shakes go, then all natural bodybuilding pretty much goes.

    Just stick to whey, and don't consume too much of it at once, you're not meant to sit at the movies chowing down on a bucket of protein powder like it's fucking popcorn people.

  13. Just buy 100% whey protein, the flavoured stuff is full of shit. As for bad stomachs, that is completely personal. You only learn by trying, don't take this at face value – just make sure you by pure whey with no additives

  14. @MKUltra3 – no, a lab that has tested the drinks says so. Don't try and re-brand sticking your head in the sand and pretending it isn't there as a media scare trying to manipulate you.

  15. @MKUltra3 Did you just read how they go their information? I don't do protein drinks. I drink milk before and after a work out and eat. I don't have the shits either. Agree or disagree, you're very ignorant to the facts presented. Is protein good for you? Yes it can be. But I prefer not to spend a fortune on them.

  16. I don't know why so many people are so negative with their comments. This video just showed you that some drinks have high heavy metal content, something you should be educated about. Know what your buying, and know when to believe all the hype.

    Drinking something that is 100% Whey from a reputable source strictly as a post-workout drink once a day probably won''t be harmful, but using them as meal-replacements probably won't be so great.

  17. It probably wasn't the protein powder that was making that guy gassy. The milk that a lot of people like to mix into their protein shakes is often the thing that is making them gassy. Mix the protein powder with water not milk if you find yourself having issues.

  18. It takes 10 minutes to boil an egg and all you get is 6 grams of protein if you eat it whole with high cholesterol yolk. It takes a minute to scoop and mix one drink and you get 25 grams. I'll still supplement with protein powders. I drink a protein shake after a work out and then a meal with real meat and veggies.

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