Organic Protein Powder Cookies And Cream

Organic Protein Powder Cookies And Cream

Organic Protein Powder Cookies And Cream | Cookies & Cream Tasty Muscle Pharm Combat Protein Powder Review | Nicole Collet

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Hey Guys today I review Muscle Pharm Combat powder (cookies & cream) we picked it up at Costco. Thanks for watching!


12 Replies to “Organic Protein Powder Cookies And Cream”

  1. I bought this at Costco for the first time in a while and it's gone down in price – still 5lbs. Still only the cookies n cream. I found if you put an ounce of milk in with the water (I do 10oz total) it tastes exactly like those Hershey's cookies n cream milk shake you can buy. Awesome substitute to kick that sweet craving midweek

  2. Hello there. What brand is the chocolate milk one? I use the promixx cup with about 12 fluid ounces of water and 1/4th cup of cookies and cream powder. New to the protein world so I'm trying all sorta kinda. What are your top 5 faves if you don't mind me asking? I don't love it but I don't hate it. Living with a bad gag reflex and a sensitive stomach makes it really hard to drink lol.

  3. "I just wish it was a little bit more of it, a little bit more powerful" Well sir, when you use 12oz of water (high end) instead of the 8oz (low end), it will be weaker. We use 8oz of water to make it a bit thicker and it has plenty of taste.

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