Organic Protein Powder Cookies And Cream

Organic Protein Powder Cookies And Cream

Organic Protein Powder Cookies And Cream | MusclePharm Combat Protein Powder – COOKIES ‘N’ CREAM Review (AWESOME FLAVOR!)

MusclePharm Combat Powder COOKIES ‘N’ CREAM is a combo of 5 protein sources meant to digest at different rates. Some studies suggest a blend to be superior to whey alone, others disagree.

Like other Combat Powder protein, this dissolves easily with just a spoon and water. So you will have no problem with clumps if you are using a spoon, shaker cup, or blender.

I’ve had several different protein powders, including most of the MusclePharm flavors. COOKIES ‘N’ CREAM is one of the best tasting protein powders I have EVER had! Easily a 9.8! Add in some milk or Half and Half, ice, and blend it up and it’s pretty much like an ice cream shake. IT. IS. GOOD!

The Combat Powder Cookies ‘n’ Cream is sweeter than the Arnold IRON WHEY Cookies ‘n’ Cream (also made by MusclePharm) and the cookie pieces are a bit smaller. The flavor is pretty much spot on. It’s sort of a vanilla, cream, cookie flavor with a hint of chocolate. It’s very smooth and creamy and damn near perfect flavor.

The carbs are slightly higher than I prefer for the Anabolic Diet, 5g per scoop with 1g fiber (4 net carbs) but not a deal breaker. The protein is from quality sources as well.

If you haven’t tried this flavor, do it. DO IT NOW!

Amazon usually has good prices on the MusclePharm Combat Powder, and free shipping.

This is a 4lb tub (52 servings). Also available in 2lb tub.


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