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  1. Just subbed. You seem like such a cool dude. Not an arrogant meathead. Just down a supplement rabbit-hole right now.. debating trying them out.. I'm sure it'll help.. still unsure about what pre-post workout supplementation is. I mean you just put yours in a shaker for the purpose of drinking it while you're working out? I'm confused.

  2. Thanks man, I've just started back on my fitness routines and was getting told to stay away from MM. I've lost 17 pounds in the last 45 days and feel incredible. But I'm looking to improve my gains an at 45 just enjoy it. Thanks I'll let you know what I think after.

  3. What you do is microwave a cup of egg whites and a couple whole eggs, about 45gms protes ,chill in fridge, then blend with oats and whatever else ,coconut oil,pb,fruit and poof! Real food drinkable!

  4. The most important part of having a protein powder that gives u the best results? combat powder or Cyto sport? for me both protein taste great I had no issues from taking combat powder… The main ingredient in combat powder is concentrate

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