Organic Protein Powder Crossfit

Organic Protein Powder Crossfit

Organic Protein Powder Crossfit | CrossFit – Nutrition Prep Day with the Chans: The Chicken Salad

“How many carbs or how much fat I have in the meal is all based on the protein, and it’s all going to be evenly divisible by whatever the protein,” says Cherie Chan of CrossFit Verve, located in Denver, Colo.

In Part 1, Cherie and husband Matt prepare a chicken salad using Zone Diet principles to balance the protein, fat and carbohydrate.

Cherie starts with her protein: grilled chicken breasts. From there, she adds carbohydrate in the form of chopped peppers, celery and onions. For the dressing, she uses eggs (another protein), limes (carbohydrates), and mustard and curry powder for seasoning. She uses slivered almonds for the fat.

After the salad is assembled, Cherie measures the total amount to portion it equally and shows how she serves the dish as a complete meal.

In Part 2, the Chans share their nutrition tips for making a Paleo-Zone diet work.

“I can’t recommend a food processor enough,” Matt says as he makes short work of the vegetables they need for their meals.

They store the excess in the fridge to easily add carbohydrate blocks to any meal.

“We’ve both found that we both need a minimum of one block of vegetables in carbohydrates,” Matt says of each meal they eat in a day. “It’ll sustain us longer, we don’t get hungry as quickly, and it actually assists with our digestion a little bit better than all the fruit does.”

To make your own chicken salad, download the recipe here.


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