Organic Protein Powder Dangers

Organic Protein Powder Dangers


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Turpentine is a very controversial ancient healing remedy that is widely promoted by Dr Jennifer Daniels And Sun Fruit Dan whilst also being deemed a toxic poisonous paint stripper many people so what is the truth?

Is turpentine a toxic paint stripper that should never be taken internally for healing or is it a very powerful ancient natural healing remedy provided to us humans by the pine tree?

100% Pure Gum Spirits Of Turpentine is pure pine oil from the pine tree which is widely used by so many people with sugar or castor oil then taken internally to eliminate a candida overgrowth and/or parasites within the body.

If you want to find out if taking turpentine for healing is just a dangerous poison that should only be used for stripping paint or not then i highly recommend you watch this video “WARNING TURPENTINE IS EXTREMELY DANGEROUS FOR HEALING” now!


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18 Replies to “Organic Protein Powder Dangers”

  1. Hey SFD. When doing the castor oil cleanse, Can I the take castor oil later in the day after I get off work at 7pm or do I absolutely have to take it first thing in the morning?? Because I work as a school bus driver with no access to a restroom and go to work at 4:30am in the mornings. Please HELP!!

  2. Early on, when I was looking into turpentine, I kept running into collections of Jennifer Daniels interviews that you had somehow collected, thanks. Indeed thanks. I love using the stuff and Dr Jennifer Daniels has a fantastic overview on disease, detoxing and nutrition.

  3. Hello good day, I did the turpentine for 4 day with diet ..can when I make salad dressing can I add olive oil, avocado oil, coconut oil. And home made hemp seeds Milk. A response would be helpful. Thank you.

  4. Hey Sun fruit Dan, love your vids! I've been following you for a few years now and I've been trying to follow your advice. I know a parasite cleanse would be helpful for me, I tried to start with eating a plant based diet to increase my digestion, but I've really struggled as I have an eating disorder. I'm underweight and knew if I didn't have life suckers in my belly I would be better off. However over time I have gone from 2 bowel movements a week to now every day. Not really sure how to increase them anymore then that at the moment. Do you recommend taking castor oil for a few weeks to see if this would increase my bowel movements? Would I then need to continue with caster oil and turpentine protocol if this helps?
    Thanks very much for your help
    many blessings of gratitude for you

  5. Hi SFD, Im on my 4th week protocol of turp and castor its amazing ,i took it one day with sugar after 2-3 bowel movements but it didnt come out didnt work,but when i take it with castor it always work any suggestions? Because i did like the tasts better with the sugar,thanks

  6. Hey Dan, I meant to ask you something if you don't mind answering… 'How did B3 assist your mind/heart feelings, if at all, after you had your traumas in May 2017?

    I am quite amazed at how you recovered and I imagine you felt every bit of pain that any human would feel in such a tragic situation. Did the B3 help center you? Cheers.

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