Organic Protein Powder Dangers

Organic Protein Powder Dangers

Organic Protein Powder Dangers | Is Soy Protein Safe For Men – Does Soy Reduce Testosterone? (The Truth)

Is soy protein safe? Does it reduce testosterone? Here’s what the science says.
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Key Points:
You hear things like cancer, lowering testosterone and a whole range of things about soy from the bodybuilding nutrition world.

Now the question is, are any of those things based on Science or are we simply talking about Mythology which can be the case with things like this.

In 2010 there was actually a meta-analysis with the objective to determine if isoflavones exert estrogen-like effects in men by lowering bioavailable T through evaluation of the effects of soy protein or isoflavone intake on T, SHBG, free T, and free androgen index (FAI) in men.

Study link:

And the results were fairly straightforward: No significant effects of soy protein or isoflavone intake on T, SHBG, free T, or FAI were detected regardless of statistical model. The results of this meta-analysis suggest that neither soy foods nor isoflavone supplements alter measures of bioavailable T concentrations in men.

Now, if we wanna lean on the side of caution the rational thing to do is to determine what was the dose tested and consider that as an upper limit.

Soy contains phytoestrogen, a compound that mimicks estrogen in the body. Also, a compound where the supposed health benefits come from. In moderate amounts, phytoestrogens have no negative impact on health.

The cut off for the phytoestrogen intake seems to be about 50-75mg / day.

And if we translate that to how much soy we can eat that’s about 25g of soy protein per day.

Now, that doesn’t mean that eating more soy above that range would be harmful but we can be sure that doses in that range are completely safe with no negative side-effects.

Sadly in the nutrition world, people are often extremists, we don’t do anything in moderation.

When “Soy is good” came along as the general belief as it does help with lowering cholesterol and reduces the risk of certain cancers we again didn’t apply moderation.

The same is with anything that we see is good, either from training, nutrition and especially supplements.

If some soy is good for us, then more must be better. (Same happened with fiber, and a lot of people got sick)

So then we went from a little bit of soy every day is good for you, to I’m gonna eat everything that has soy in it. And also add supplements with soy on top of that.

That’s when the issues start and that’s sadly how most people still are today.

It’s not that the nutritent or the food is specifically bad but it’s that people can’t do anything in moderation.

When you start pumping in tons of anything there are potentially negative effects.

The dose makes the poison. Take things with a moderate approach and you’ll avoid 99% of the problems.

The effects of soy and whey protein supplementation on acute hormonal reponses to resistance exercise in men. –

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45 Replies to “Organic Protein Powder Dangers”

  1. Food doesnt make the man. Your real foundation of testosterone comes from your lifestyle and the intensity of your workout, not your diet. Here's a tip, instead of avoiding soy, put your damn headphones and smartphone away at the gym and start pumping it until you're actually sweating and on the verge of tears. That's the real way to maintain your T

  2. If soy contains phytoestrogens and phytoestrogens mimic estrogen in the body then can’t a person consume plenty of soy for a certain period of time, then if they cold turkey and won’t their natural estrogen levels decreases? Kind of how steroids produces testosterone increase and when the steroid user stops using it they lose muscle as a result of lower T?

  3. An observation at
    If there is a limit 25g of soy per day… it was created by someone…for some reason..
    So, to say it's logical to, "not take that chance [with the potential effects on testosterone]" and have more than 25g a day seems illogical to me. Unless it's an arbitrary number, there was a reason. If it's arbitrary than there is no logical reason not to have more than 25g necessarily. I wonder why someone said, "up to 25g is safe… or is not"

  4. To much soy is bad period only version that’s okay to eat in Japan is nato and none of you will eat fermented soy, no moderation exists in America soy is almost in all food you eat, not me though I’m one of those people who actually read the ingredients of the food product I’m spending my money on, yes moderation is key but I don’t want to consume any of American Monsanto soy product which is 90% of your soy.

  5. I read in a study that the phytoestrogen in soy inhibits activity of the estrogen currently in your body by binding to the estrogen receptors. Since the phytoestrogen is bonded to the receptors the estrogen cannot bond and do it's job. And since phytoestrogen's estrogenic effects are weaker than normal estrogen you will actually be reducing overall effects of estrogen in your body because the mimic is bonded to the receptors. It will also lower the production of estrogen in your body through a feedback mechanism because the body will recognize the fake estrogens (phytoestrogens) as more estrogen and halt production of it in term leaving more resources for testosterone to take actually increasing your testosterone.

  6. In Ireland the head of the national maternity hospital is advising men to avoid protein products as soy may be included as an ingredient even in whey proteins. They are seeing some couples complain about fertility and when they investigate they find that the men have close to zero sperm count due to protein powders.

  7. This information is not only wrong, but criminally wrong. There have been studies and they have found it's bad for both men AND women. But no one should take the word of a boydbuilder on youtube, anyway. There is no safe dosage, for any human. We DO know what will happen, and not just in the bodybuilding world. Also 90% of food consumption in America contains soy, so your dosage theory is way off and you don't know the facts, at all.

  8. Just to correct, the actual limit for consuming protein from soy products is somewhere around 467 grams per day to increase the estrogen levels significantly in a man, as well as create harmonal imbalances in a woman.
    Which basically means that one has to take around 1000 grams of soy products per day for a longer period of time to experience harmonal changes, so please dont fear taking soy every day in your diet if you want to up your protein intake daily. However, make that limit to 25-30 grams of protein per day from soy products, which comes down to 50-60 grams of soy products per day, the reason for this ?
    Excess of everything is bad, thank you all, peace….

  9. I just bought some soy protein as i'm badly allergic to whey, after whey i tried pea protein and hemp protein but they both taste so bad as to be basically inedible.
    I might try a mix of them all to see how that goes.

  10. I love it when I read the comments of stupid people talking about soy and hormones and they say how they consume dairy products. In fact, dairy products have a high concentration of female hormone that raises the level of estrogen

    Here is something about soy protein vs whey where the soy isolate lowered estrogen levels and increased testosterone levels

    Jesi ti poreklom sa balkana?

  11. I ate a lot of soy based food such as tofu and soy protein because I was told to cut milk and milkproducts in general. I didnt know how to get to my amount of protein of 2g per kg bodyweight so I switched to soyproducts. After 3 years or so I noticed my voice getting a bit higher and also my chest started to get a little chubby. At first I didnt really care about it as I had to study a lot and I thought maybe I was in a caloric surplus and I gained fatmass. Still weird though because I kept doing bench press. After 4 years my balls shrank so I want to the doctor. He told me if I had eaten that amount of soy for a few months more I would have become a woman.

    edit: sorry for trolling mario, keep going on with those objective and factual videos!

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