Organic Protein Powder Diet

Organic Protein Powder Diet

Organic Protein Powder Diet | Drank Only Water+Protein Shakes for 7 Days (Lost 12lbs)

Hey loves welcome back! This 7 day fast was the most challenging thing I have done! Tested my self control and all on another level! No regrets though, if I can pull through this than my healthy eating diet from now on should be a breeze. It feels good to not feel bloated and feel energized. Thank you for watching ilysm!

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30 Replies to “Organic Protein Powder Diet”

  1. i give u props for your 7 days its def not easy … but keto is so simple in the begining u dont have to count macros … ihad a friends loose 25 lbs in a month on keto not counting macros ,,, def do ur research you could eat so much on keto … i did it for a long time but now im vegan ,,, and trying vegan keto …if u think keto is hard gurrrrllll …. dont get me started … also check out the book the guide to fasting dr jason fung … all different types of fasting … ur hungry because ur not technically fasting … but you did your thing ,,, i give u alot of credit its def not easy and its a step in the right direction …. keep it up momma

  2. do you pay for your trainer or do they help you out for free? you get it girl! I wish I could do this but I can't stand protein shakes lol I wish I liked them! you and I are the same weight believe it or not. and you're killin it!

  3. Being honest here I was 216 before having my first child before I gave birth 301 lord help me.. until he was about a year in a half I went down too 199lbs cause I got very sick plus I drank alot of water then when he was 2 I had my daughter I was 265lbs before i gave birth. in 2-3 weeks I went too 220lbs then back up 238 to 242lbs in a month or two that was back in September I honestly dont know my weight as of now but I feel like ive gained more n I feel more bloated not sure I want to diet bad but I want to try this diet as well! Girl tell me how you did it lol im subscribing teach me your ways boo xD

  4. I was goin to only do a water fast with tea but I was worried wat it wud do to me I’m glad I came across ur video I’m goin to try this water tea and protein shake only for 3 days and if by 3rd if I feel fine I’ll try 7 days like u to detox my body and reset it cuz I’ve been eating badly and want to start eating Gud and wking out which will be walking and wii can u subscribe to my channel pls

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