Organic Protein Powder Dubai

Organic Protein Powder Dubai

Organic Protein Powder Dubai | Touring Old Dubai & The Spice Market | VLOG 4

I’M NOT SHAKIRA! Touring Old Dubai | VLOG 4. Join me as I visit the Old Dubai Spice Markets, eat fruits…and even enjoy some dates hahah. I hope you love this vlog! Since Dubai I have been in Lebanon, and I am now in Bali. This is my first series of travel vlogs coming for you. I’ve been doing a LOT of traveling, and I am hoping to share some inspiration with you on my journeys of what I am learning, what I am eating, and so much more! Join me in my trip to Dubai! Several more VLOGS to come here! LIKE if you LIKE and please comment below! Thank you all for being in my life. Love you all!

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31 Replies to “Organic Protein Powder Dubai”

  1. You look truly beautiful in Dubai, I don't know if it is that blue dress that brings out your beautiful skin color or that beautiful necklace that lights up your eyes but all together you look amazing! You complexion is stunning. You are such an inspiration to the life style.

  2. Kristina I just want to say I support you in all you do. Thank you for being such an inspiration to me and many others . All you have done is incredible and I respect your drive and all you have achieved . Please hold tight and hold onto those who truly love and care for you. Being in the public eye is not easy …….. hold tight my lovely xx

  3. Kristina! I haven't watched a video in awhile but I love to watch your travel adventures! It's so funny about vendors- trying to draw you in with odd but funny little calls. i was in Todos Santos in Baja and walking along a corridor of shops. One man opened a door as I walked by and dramatically said, " For you, everything 50% off!" I think it's just fun and attention getting.I love, love, that deep blue caftan on you. You are such an artist and I love the way you put yourself together! Stay safe and be well!

  4. Hi! I saw your instastories in Dubai and it was so cool the places you went! But now your vlogs are a bit boring compared to what I was hoping to see…for example your guide in this video said he would take you to many places and all I saw was the boat and spice market…

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