Organic Protein Powder Dubai

Organic Protein Powder Dubai

Organic Protein Powder Dubai | BEST RAW FOOD IN DUBAI | VLOG

This trip has been full of delicious raw food! I stopped by Life n’ One Cafe on my last day in Dubai. The food was delicious! I hope you love this vlog! Since Dubai I have been in Lebanon, and I am now in Bali. This is my first series of travel vlogs coming for you. I’ve been doing a LOT of traveling, and I am hoping to share some inspiration with you on my journeys of what I am learning, what I am eating, and so much more! Join me in my trip to Dubai! Several more VLOGS to come here! LIKE if you LIKE and please comment below! Thank you all for being in my life. Love you all!

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25 Replies to “Organic Protein Powder Dubai”

  1. all food must be cook before eating, some fool believe, eating raw like animal is good. it don;t work for human being. same a tiger never eat vegetable. tiger are created to eat raw meat only n human is to eat cook food. google for more info. most raw eater have given up.

  2. Much Love from Dubai! Dubai, I have a love/hate relationship with. Being a vegetarian, Dubai has posed some challenges. There are a lot of Indian, Asian, and Lebanese foods that are readily available here for anyone and everyone since every culture on the Earth can be found here. However, the reality is that this is a desert and most of the food is imported here. Fresh produce is available but it has a fast fridge life, an even shorter shelf life, and is very expensive. But if someone can be vegan or vegetarian here, they can survive anywhere 🙂 Thank you Kristina for visiting during the holy month, Ramadan Kareem!

  3. I love this channel and watching these videos. I'm not currently vegan and never thought I would want to be. I'm trying to cut down on animal products and eat more raw food, sometimes it's hard but watching her videos makes me absolutely crave raw food like it's the most appetizing thing out there. I always always crave a big salad and fruit after watching her videos. And if I have access to those things, I always feel great after. There's no lose!

  4. Yes, please!! Amazing how you've been able to find good raw vegan food on your trip. Also love that you seem so relaxed and natural on these videos. Maybe something has changed for you. You're lovely. Thanks for posting.

  5. Jahnes love Kristina. That's a really nice Raw Restaurant. I will have to go visit when i travel to Dubai. And I am so impressed with you for being soo accepting of your friends who are not Raw Vegan like you. It would be really hard for me to be around someone so much who doesn't eat as I do. But, she is so beautiful and she seems to nice too. I am hoping and praying that she'll go raw soon too. Blessed love.

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