Organic Protein Powder Dubai

Organic Protein Powder Dubai

Organic Protein Powder Dubai | Start Your Own NutriBlendz smoothie bar business $495

We can help you set up from layout to equipment and products. NutriBlendz will get you up and running as low as $495.Using 100% whole fruit products. That includes Menu Boards, Posters, Blender, and much more. To find out how you can set up your juice / smoothie bar or station in your restaurant or gym. No Franchise Fee. Call 888-449-9941 or see the web site at


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  1. Idiots, bad impression for this company. What's the point if you abandon your YouTube posting. Says a lot about how bad this company is. Here's a marketing tip : monitor YouTube videos and see what your potential customers are asking….. Grade F

  2. I'm a non US resident who had responded to your franchise on your website and received no response. You need to tell an important info: 'whether your franchise is for only US residents or its for any country', so that non US residents won't bother to respond to your franchise if its only for US. "Use some sense in producing Youtube ads".

  3. hi i leave in south africa and would like to start a smoothie bar. can you help with tips on how to start one. I would like to buy one from a franchise but I dont money cause i understand it is very expensive to buy a franchise. i can be contacted on

    Thanking you in advance.


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