Organic Protein Powder Dubai

Organic Protein Powder Dubai

Organic Protein Powder Dubai | Top 4 Protein Powders | Health and Fitness Tips | Guru Mann

Guru Mann tells you about ‘TOP 4 PROTEIN POWDERS IN MARKET’

★ Protein Powders-The best in the Market ★

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44 Replies to “Organic Protein Powder Dubai”

  1. Sr me bahut dubla patla hu mujhe sabse pehle Kya Lena chahiye whey protein protein gainer mass gainer Mera Bajan 50 kg ke aaspas ho age 22yars mujhe Bajan badhana h pehle mujhe Kya Lena chahiye

  2. Bhai background sount ne aapki vedio ko hi kharab kar diya hai..aage se aap esa sound na dale..pls isse aapki vedio khrab lag rahi hai… Mai dekhna cha rha tha vedio earplug lage the.. lkn sar dard hone lag gya or aapki jankari hi nhi le saka… Sir aage dhyan rakhe.

  3. Don't know why the accent only comes when he speaks English. Accent should even come in his Hindi. Like the way we get our Indian accent in English. Anyway..I know he provides lot of good knowledge about fitness, but he still shows of a bit. It's also always about his big house, his expensive car. It's like business for what he is doing. That's why I'm a bigger fan of gaurav taneja, he sounds much more genuine and passionate.

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