Organic Protein Powder During Pregnancy

Organic Protein Powder During Pregnancy

Organic Protein Powder During Pregnancy | Exercising during pregnancy | LOTD | Orgain Protein Review

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14 Replies to “Organic Protein Powder During Pregnancy”

  1. Hi I'm currently weight training and also training for strongman event next month and have also just found out I'm pregnant with my 5th child! I love your video and will be doing my best to continue throughout this pregnancy while also listening to my body and dropping my weights down too but I think it's the best thing to stay fit and keep sane lol i will be trying this protein powder and just wanted to know what other supplements do you recommend taking while pregnant and exercising.

  2. The people who are being "ish" about you working out while pregnant, just need to be enlightened; they don't know any better, lol, so don't worry about that too much. On the flip side, they probably want to be just like you but don't know how to say it, lol! Undercover admirers? Haters? Either way, haters are motivators, turn every negative into a positive and keep grinding! Blessings!

  3. I have complete faith that if anybody knew what they were doing with their body pregnant or not it's you girl I can't believe anybody would be giving you flack! Wow really? I also know you well enough to know that you would OF COURSE be involved with your doctor and would never do anything that would risk your little cutie! LOL Aww it's so great to see you love the products still. What you mean I can't win that protein just cuz I said you were looking great? LOL The nerve LOL OK I'd like to win it because I need great quality protein in my life, our Gold Standard jug is now empty and if YOU use it then I know it has to be good stuff 😉 How's that? LOL Love you girl! xoxox Mary

  4. Hi Carib Spice! I'm a new subscriber to your channel and so glad I found you! I just lost 20 pounds and now just found out that I am expecting. I'm happy that I am expecting but not happy that I will be gaining weight back. So I found you at a perfect time and happy that you show that you can still work out while being pregnant. I would love to try the Organic Protein as I am looking for some safe protein for me and the baby because the one I have is not safe for me and the baby so I'm stuck on what to use. Thanks and congrats on your bundle of joy!

  5. You look fabulous, my friend. Great points you made regarding your health, and the health of your baby regarding working out. I do not understand why people have to feel the need to by judgmental. I am still using the Cacay oil on my neck, and am very pleased with the results. Yes, we were both winners in Mary's giveaway. I love the Peach Palette too. I am interested in trying the Protein Powder because I am always looking for ways to add additional protein to my diet. Many blessings, and much love, Binta…MaryEllen

  6. I love that you still work out and lift weights during pregnancy, you're proving that it's fine and the benefits of it! I've seen many people bash women at the gym that are doing the same thing as you even though their doctors have given you the go for it! I find it impressive and inspirational for other women that are pregnant and well just others that need motivation.

  7. Honestly, if people didn't understand by now that it's perfectly ok to work out while you are pregnant it makes no sense to waste any more words on this subject. You are looking good but tired, have you considered to look into some Yoga exercises for strength, relaxation, refreshment and focus? Maybe you or one of your friends knows a good yogi (no, not the bear ;P) for teaching. I bet it would also help with your mood swings …besides good chocolate, of course ;)))
    Oh btw., you should watch these folks (another fitness channel I like sometimes), they are reporting about the time shortly before delivery, it's partly hilarious ….really funny and simpatico ;):

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