Organic Protein Powder Earth Fare

Organic Protein Powder Earth Fare

Organic Protein Powder Earth Fare | What I Eat In A Day // FULL day of Eating for Shedding Fat and Maintaining Muscle

This is what I ate today! Every day is a little bit different but I try and make the healthiest choices possible to meet my macro/micro needs while also enjoying life a little! Like I mentioned in the video, I am currently aiming around 1800 calories everyday to be able to shed a little bit of fat but maintain most of the muscle I have! This number is based off my own stats and should not be copied just because that is what I am doing! I personally believe in eating as many healthy whole foods as possible 80-85 percent of the time and then leaving the other 15-20 percent for living life a little lol. I am not strict or hard on myself because this is my lifestyle and not a diet or phase, I am not aiming to be the skinniest or most shredded person on the plant, I am aiming to feel healthy and confident in my own skin everyday! I am a snacker, so I like to eat multiple small “meals” or I guess you could just call them snacks every couple of hours in order to keep me full and from binging! f I were to eat 1800 calories in 2 or 3 meal, I would go nuts LOL .. but seriously. I also like to get a majority of my micronutrients from whole foods like my last “what I eat in a day” video, but like you saw in this video, sometimes I am out of vegetables or just not feeling chicken and squash and will have protein bars/powders; however, by NO MEANS is supplements necessary to sustain a fit lifestyle. I do take vitamins everyday and sometimes supplement powders like you saw in the video, but I really try my hardest to get them from foods first! This is just one day of my meals but every day or at least week I change them up so I do not get bored with my food!



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1 Scoop protein powder and water mixed
I switch my protein up all the time, the one in this video is BSN Syntha-6 protein in Chocolate PB and it is freakin delish! lol

Heritage O’s cereal Natures Path Organics brand
1/2 scoop
unsweetened vanilla almond milk
didn’t measure – probably 1/2 cup
Earth Fare organic Honey
didn’t measure – probably a tbsp

I only ate 1/2 a cup of the cereal because that protein powder has carbs in it already! Otherwise I would have ate way more cereal lol

MEAL #2 (Pre-workout meal)
Ezekiel Bread 2 slices Sprouted wholegrain flavor
Ultra Thin Slices Sharp-CheddarCheese 1 slice
Oven Roasted Turkey Breast Fat Free 2 slices
Alfalafa Sprouts
1 Clementine

Post workout snack
Power Crunch Bar French Vanilla

Meal #3
Homeade chicken lemon rice soup
4 chicken breast
1 cup shredded carrots
1 chopped onion
4 cups reduced sodium chicken broth
1/2 cup rice
salt and pepper
2 lemons

Classic Hummus 2 tbsp
2 servings Garden Fresh Ranch Pita Chips

Natures Bakery Fig Bar (2 pack)

Homemade chicken lemon rice soup

That is not including little things like mustard, honey, almond milk, etc. I only really count the higher carb, high macro items when logging food. I do not count macros but this was to show you where I eat around everyday. I was most likely closer t0 1800 if I were to measure exactly everything which is where I want to be!

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12 Replies to “Organic Protein Powder Earth Fare”

  1. I'm going to try the soup. I would suggest cooking your chicken first in the pot, then take it out. Add in your veggies into the chicken flavor in your pot. But thanks for this video.

  2. I loved this style of video so much! You blessed my Sunday I currently can't walk – your workouts are literally kicking my ass. I've been doing 3 of your workouts and personal training 3 days a week and I've really been progressing, thanks for being a part of my journy.

    Also I make my chicken broth at home it's really easy you just make a whole lot one time and freeze it in tubberware. I literally cook with it all the time. Cook rice, boil mushrooms, baste chicken, and even reduce it for a sauce! You save money and you control the sodium! Just a tip, love ya xx

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