Organic Protein Powder Ebay

Organic Protein Powder Ebay

Organic Protein Powder Ebay | Why I Take Borax Internally Every Day – Borax Healing Remedy

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Why I Take Borax Internally Every Day – Borax Healing Remedy

I wanted to talk with you in this video today as to why i take borax daily internally and for people who are freaking out about myself or others taking borax internally as a healing remedy do not panic because borax is just a naturally occurring mineral found on planet earth.

I will explain fully in this video the different reasons why i take it daily is because its a very essential mineral for us to have optimal health holistically, it is also a key nutrient for optimizing testosterone levels in the body, it naturally kills and removes candida and parasites from the body, it also removes heavy metals, pesticides, calcification in the entire body including the pineal gland and last but not least it is the number one essential nutrient for optimize your bone health.

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Why I Take Borax Internally Every Day – Borax Healing Remedy

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25 Replies to “Organic Protein Powder Ebay”

  1. Ok bud ive watched a dozen videos on this i have a box of borax im interested then i see the lable about calling posion control if ingested – i understand being lied to by higher ups and all the bs but why bother with the warning lable at all? And we take so much care in seeking out all natural organic non gmo ect. But the detergent booster right out of the unsealed cardboard box? I gotta admit it spooks me a little. Any tboughts? Anyone???

  2. Is the trans community aware of this? Imagine how much cheaper and easier this would be than T shots! LMFAO Just eat some laundry soap! And people thought kids were dumb for eating tide pods! Who's an idiot now? Everybody not eating them. That's who! Also, wouldn't that be dangerous for women? Considering male hormones increasing in females causes ovarian cancer.

  3. Can I give my dog borax internally? He is a 90 pound chocolate lab. He has problems with ear infections and yeast overgrowth on his body. And if so what would be the dose? We have tried so many remedies. The vet keeps prescribing antibiotics which initially clears up the ear infections but they of course keep coming back. I feel so bad for him. Please help.

  4. I d like to see more videos of a dosage. To start with to the 1st timer.minimum amount. ?? And daily schedule for time period. Cause for a male (45years old dealing with ED). And not well fit low body nutrient diet. Daily Beer drinker.6-12pack. Gradually healing Internally. detoxing parasites

  5. I don’t know if borax is comparable with me because 3 days ago for the first time i tried I put 1 pinch borax in 1 cup water and drunk it, oh boy was I sick , I was having diarrhea for 3 days and fever I couldn’t go to work. But I don’t know if this was only 1 time thing or it will happen every time. If anyone knows that it only one time thing please let me know.

  6. You are looking wonderful .. thank you for all you share.  
    Can I take borax in my smoothies while on a turpentine & castor oil cleanse ? I also add various herbs in my smoothie are there any that would have an adverse effect on the borax

  7. Yep I also take it everyday. To make sure it mixes well I first mix it with hot water and pour that portion with the rest of the water. I noticed that it took away a brain fog feeling I used to have.

  8. Dan,
    Turmeric and cabbage also have high levels of boron in them (and yttrium) both essential for DNA repair. From "minerals for the genetic code".. This assumes it is in the soil of course.

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