Organic Protein Powder Ebay

Organic Protein Powder Ebay

Organic Protein Powder Ebay | Why I Only Recommend Drinking Distilled Water

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Why I Only Recommend Drinking Distilled Water

I wanted to share with everyone in full detail why i only recommend drinking distilled water in this video to make people aware of the amazing benefits of distilled water and why its the best water you can drink for your health holistically.

I started drinking distilled water back in 2012 and it was one of the first things i started on my health journey to help me become free of sickness and disease.

When i started drinking distilled water it was the first time in my life that i actually enjoyed drinking water because it just tasted just so clean and pure!

I found that drinking distilled water massively improved my health holistically and it catapulted me into cleaning up my diet and much more!

I talk about all of the above in full detail in this video, so if any of this interests you i highly recommend you watch this video “Why I Only Recommend Drinking Distilled Water” now.

Why I Only Recommend Drinking Distilled Water

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35 Replies to “Organic Protein Powder Ebay”

  1. You have no clue about chemistry it seems at least.
    H2O is in itself neutral. There are technically speaking ions in distilled water buts it's always in the ratio of 2 hydrogen ions and 1 oxygen which makes it again neutral!

    It's distilled, you lost all minerals and ions through that process. What the heck are you talking about!?

    The ion charge your talking about comes from magnesium, calcium, Kalium, Chloride ions.

    Of course your body is going to absorb more nutrients because it craves for all those minerals your water now lacks!

    If you are the opinion that you have to drink distilled water ,make sure to compensate the lack of minerals with a healthy diet or supplements.

    PS; what's better. Distilled water or bottled water (in glass bottles)
    What's your reasoning behind your argument?

    Since when can you distill radiation out of water? What kind of radiation? Alpha, beta or gamma rays and from which source?

    And what do you mean by toxic substances?

    And what the hell do you mean by inorganic minerals? Do you know what minerals are? Or ions? Or isotopes for that matter…?

  2. Would it be considered a step in the right direction for someone to add a liquid trace mineral supplement to the distilled water….until they are confident they are deriving sufficient trace minerals from the food eaten? …..does the distilled water cause the trace minerals to be effectively un-absorb-able?

  3. Amen about the tap water.
    Have you tried Zero Water?
    I love it.
    It claims to filters out all dissolved solids, so may want minerals from a different source.
    If interested in checking it out, I bought my Zero Water pitcher from Target.
    I have seen them at Walmart on occasions.
    Does Distilled water have minerals?? Years ago a friend was told by the ER hospital that she flushed out most of her electro lights.
    She was so weak that she felt she was on her last leg, so to speak. She had been drinking distilled water, so we have stayed away from it.
    I also heard that one should not cook with distilled water because it pulls out the nutrients.
    Do you think this was false information?
    It's so tricky in knowing who to believe now days. You seem to have good personal experiences with distilled water~

  4. Glad you went into the fact that distilled water removes INORGANIC Minerals and not beneficial minerals… it's always an uphill battle when someone has been listening to someone else who claims distilled water is bad for you. Thanks for the video Dan!!

  5. Hey brother I have a distiller but not of this brand as this brand does not ship to Australia I have cleaned it many times but for some reason I can still taste a metallic kind of taste have any ideas why?

  6. Great video!!! I love my mega home distiller! Great info about the positive and negative ions…..never thought of it this way. I try to drink at least two liters before I break my OMAD fast then a liter of vegetable juice …. as long as I drink this much fluid during the day I feel great and my digestion is amazing. It is blazing summertime and dry here right now. So it varies from season to season, but this is where I am right now on my liquid journey. Staying hydrated is so critical for digestion though. Thanks for all the great content! Have a great weekend! Peace and blessings:-)

  7. Sun Fruit Dan, have you looked into Shungite Water (putting Shungite stones in water)? I ordered some from Russia and the water taste absolutely amazing. I don't know though if it purifies the water as good as a distiller though. So I'm looking to get a distiller also.

  8. Tried distilled water long ago, but got scared off by the info that's out there. Now that I've found your channel – I went on trying distilled water again, and I want a water distiller as soon as I am able to get one.

  9. I didn’t like the water. My Berkey filter tastes nicer. I will try again at some point again.

    Interesting about the minerals around the body.

    What age can you give distilled water to children?

  10. Thanks for this info. I never could make myself drink tap water either. I know exactly what you mean when you said your body 'sang' for more distilled water when you started drinking it. I recently started drinking 3L of distilled water each day and gave up caffeine.

  11. heey Dan, I've been drinking pure H2o as well, now the next think is on my mind; how do you manage your salt intake at the one meal a day? Doctor Norton Webber tells us to don't take any salt at all. not even Himalayan salt nor sea salt. what is your opinion about this? btw with how much money did you started your journey in foreign lands?

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