Organic Protein Powder Ebay

Organic Protein Powder Ebay

Organic Protein Powder Ebay | How To: Keratin Treatment AT HOME!

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38 Replies to “Organic Protein Powder Ebay”

  1. Just putting this out here, formaldehyde is an ORGANIC molecule. Many ORGANIC molecules are CARCINOGENIC. A label telling you a product is organic means absolutely nothing as formaldehyde is in fact, organic! I'm not saying it's good, but companies are using that to their advantage because the word organic has a positive connotation.

  2. All of you complaining because she is "talking too much" sound very unappreciative of all the information she is providing for you guys for free… I say this because I have been doing salon-keratin treatments for 2 years and although they work and last for around the same time, I am SO GLAD she described her experience in detail and exactly what those nasty, harsh smells can do to our bodies (and to wear a mask-which I never did and regret so much now) because I wasn't aware of this and the smell of the chemicals are super strong. Seriously! I wish I had that information in detail before hand because otherwise I would not have done this knowing there are formaldehyde-free soothing treatments that work, out in the market. Everything else she covered here is so well explained, and if you don't like that then why are you clicking on a video that clearly says "How to:" lol. Anyways, great video.. I will be trying this next instead of spending $200+ on harmful keratin treatments. Huge thanks! <3

  3. I cannot believe the 20,000 words you can squeeze in such a short video. The information is useful but, the fast-talking made me think of how a guy has to sit through listening to you explain simple things.

  4. Hi,  I already ordered a product called Youwang from china.  Did you happen to learn anything about it in your research?  I wasn't aware of the formaldehyde issue.  I definitely don't want that!  The problem is the product arrived and it is all in Chinese.

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