Organic Protein Powder Europe

Organic Protein Powder Europe

Organic Protein Powder Europe | Most Overlooked Protein Source

Cheap and high quality protein is right at your supermarket, you just have to know where to look!

Many bodybuilders get so wound up about “taking” their protein shakes, “taking” their protein powders, and “taking” their post workout shakes that they lose sight of the big picture – its just PROTEIN! Just because it comes out of a big tub with a picture of a roided out bodybuilder on the label doesn’t make it magic. Please also read Top 5 Best Protein Powders. I would argue that the less processing the better.
That leads me to one of the most overlooked and under-rated protein sources around: nonfat greek yogurt (USA and Europe) and nonfat Quark (Europe).
Why are these so awesome? First, they are nearly as protein dense as protein powder itself without having to go thru a factory – just old fashioned yogurt making that as been around for ages. This organic greek yogurt available at costco is 71% protein by calories which is nearly as good as the protein powders which are 90%-95% protein. Nonfat greek yogurt not only tastes incredibly creamy and good, its cheap as well! How cheap? Well, lets take the highest end organic product and compare it to my #1 organic protein powder choice on this page:


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  1. Scooby does living in the US make you depressed with all the pesticide, hormone, steroid, and other chemical infested foods that are approved to serve? Even if you are wise as an adult in US you were most likely raised on this tainted food.

  2. I doubt many if any think that protein powder is better than protein from real food like chicken or fish 🙂
    They use it for convenience, not for thinking it is better.

  3. Research is really changing the landscape here. Full fat dairy is superior to nonfat and low fat dairy. People who consume whole fat dairy are 46% less likely to develop diabetes. For overall health full fat is the way to go.

  4. Scooby you are awesome. You look great at age 60 and you should be proud take your shirt off out in public. You are not shy in Europe so you shouldn't be shy stateside in a supermarket with your shirt off.

  5. I live in London.
    Asda has a 0% Quark that costs 75p and has 12g of protein per 100g.
    It's usually sold in 250g tubs.
    My breakfast is a mix of the 250g Asda 0% Quark, 60g Blueberries, 20g (1 T) Almond Butter and 1 T (tablespoon) of freshly ground Flax Seeds.
    This breakfast is pretty filling (I can go 2-5 hours without eating afterwards) and has:
    379 calories & 39g protein.

  6. My employer is generous enough to provide tons of free snacks and food for employees and there is an abundance of yogurt in the refrigerator. It’s awesome- a whopping 15 grams of protein for only 80 calories with about 2 grams of fat. As far as I know, the only food which comes anywhere close to the kinds of nutritional specifications of yogurt is tuna. Glad to see that I am not the only person who is emphatic about yogurt from a nutritional perspective!

    P.S. I recently got back into weight-lifting after a two year respite caused by severe neuropathy in my left arm. I used to be in phenomenal shape, so it was a real disappointment to stop lifting. Your channel is giving me great tips for getting back in the game. Thank you!

  7. Quark is my favorite protien source. I don't buy expensive protein powder with all the chemical ingredients and artificial flavors in it. One package of Quark that I can easily eat after my workout has 26 grams of protein and it costs less than 60 cents. I eat twice of these a day, in addition to my other protein dense meals (like chicken, fish, beans, peas etc) That's better, healthier, cheaper and even more convenient than protein powder.

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