Organic Protein Powder Europe

Organic Protein Powder Europe

Organic Protein Powder Europe | How To Make A Homemade Custom Pre Workout – For Cheap In Bulk

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27 Replies to “Organic Protein Powder Europe”

  1. dud i even dont have protein shake , and i look like a beast , it doesn't matter if you take creatine or steriod you dont , its all about the work you put on u'r self (ps: i respect you and u'r work ) ☺

  2. This makes absolutely no sense…… why would you mix it all together? You’re never gonna get equal servings now, the different consistencies means they will Separate and you may get a whole scoop of creatine one day, then none the next? ALSO, how is this cheap? Over £1 per serving? You can buy NUMEROUS pre workouts for £20 with 30 servings inside. This is retarded.

  3. creatine as a pre is totally useless (marketing issue from companies)…..last meta-analysis for beta-alanine says that it has some effect after 60-70 seconds…so useless for bodybuilders/powerlifters….maybe useful for endurance athletes like cyclists or runners..

  4. They dont have the caffine anymore..but erm guarana is pretty good instead?
    Also they dont have the flavourpowder anymore so i got drops..any tips on where you can get flavour in power form?

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