Organic Protein Powder Europe

Organic Protein Powder Europe

Organic Protein Powder Europe | RealFoodSource Certified Organic Banana Whey Protein Powder

Our delicious new Organic Banana Whey Protein Powder, a pure blend of the highest quality European Organic Whey Protein 80 from grass-fed cows and the best, ripe Organic Ecuadorian dried Bananas blended into a powder. Gluten free and with no artificial sweeteners, flavourings, fillers or colours we have created a no compromised natural, delightful banana flavoured whey with the most high quality ingredients with all the benefits of organic bananas such as vitamin C and potassium. Banana flavoured whey protein does not come more pure or special than our awesome recipe!

With it’s high protein content it’s great for natural sports nutrition or boosting your protein intake. Our organic whey protein powder contains no nasty fillers, thickeners or sweeteners it is just 100% pure whey that is heat stable. Whey protein concentrate is filtered which ensures that the protein is easily digested and absorbed. As whey protein has not been micro filtered unlike whey protein isolate it still contains all beneficial nutrients such as all the essential amino acids the body needs but cannot make itself.

Please note, the rennet used in the production of our wheys is from a microbial source. This is used in place of rennet from animal sources, hence making our whey suitable for vegetarians!


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