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  1. Caloric deficit = losing weight!!!!! It is not that complicated! There are no magic pills, shakes, wraps that "help you lose weight". What you are doing is in-taking less calories than you are outputting thus you lose weight! If you tracked the macros in the shakes and replaced the exact amount calories they are with REAL food… guess what: YOU would STILL lose weight!! WOW… who would have thought???!! (stop wasting hundreds of dollars making the people at the top millionaires when you can just eat nutritious for much less $$$$$)

  2. They kill organic healing because it affects the big pharmaceutical mafia. So they are after those who campaign healing thru nutrition and wellness. Not only herbalife, I know a local doctor in my country who was able to help cure stage 4 cancer patients. They seizes her and closed her clinic down. Check out Dr. FARRAH of the Philippines.

  3. I have henoch schonlein purpura. Its not curable. I have accepted that. My dr. Said the flare up of petechia is manageable with prednisone but i dont want to take medicine for such a long period of time. So i decided to make myself healthy by taking herbalife that was nov. 2018. Aftr like 3weeks of using it the petechia started to vanish. And it ddnt show up even when im so stress and tired. Its been almost 2mos still now red spots all over my legs. I know its not curable but it made a big difference. I know herbalife is only a food suplement nothing more.

  4. I am also a Herbalife user…. Its helps me alot… I was 113.2 kg. I tried many ways to reduce my weight.. But nothing helped.. I have reduced my weight with the help of herbalife… now am 93.4 after 4months… still iam using..

  5. I thought they are investigating some negative issues about Herbalife. But, it is a misleading news. I am a user and I have a severe headache that I am so afraid to check up on. When I use Herbalife, the pain was gone. So I stopped after 10 days. I didn't believe in Herbalife and continue my unhealthy lifestyle. Then after several months, the headache returns. Out of desperation, I use again Herbalife (it is because I don't want to know if this is a tumor or anything disturbing) I tried a more natural way. I adjust my diet. Now, my headache was gone again. I will continue using this product now until I get back into a healthy body condition once more. I am not saying these to sell. But it is unfair to make false accusation and I can't bear to watched it while I, myself, experience the benefits of the product. You can't zipped the lips of thankful users.

  6. I used the products and I already lost 38 amazing lbs. and the good thing is, I have PCOS before or the so called Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. But when I lose weight, my monthly period become normal again.

  7. Great Products And The Business Is Real Not Fake. Whoever Put This Video Together Cut Out Doctor Carmonas Part Just To Make It Seem Like He Said Something Bad About Herbalife. It’s Nutrition!!!

  8. @AbcNews so when are you going to start investigating THRIVE or LeVel? A young woman & husband were THRIVE addicted, she was touting it was curing her lethargy r/t LUPUS. NOW she's dead along with her 3 babies, husband went off the deep end and murdered them all!
    So taking 10xs the amount of caffeine that's in THRIVE products CAN mostly cause aggression.
    So….when are you guys going to start your investigating of THRIVE??
    It's just another SCAM like herbalife!!

  9. I believe herbalife works wonders for a healthy lifestyle because it has worked wonders for me and I love it. It looks like the accusations for cures are coming from just certain individuals not herbalife itself. By using the products it helps us stay healthy and ends up keeping us from having to go to the doctor as often. I would never give up my herbalife, I love it.

  10. Bought a Herbalife shake once. One of my friends is a distributor and seeing her posts how healthy the products are, I bought it. I was into "healthy" eating at that time so I also knew that if a packaged food you're buying has more than 5 ingdredients, it's not that good for you (I'm not talking about lots of fruit and veggies in meals here). Not only Herbalife shake had more than 5 ingredients, but it had a few rows of infredients. After drinking it my heart would beat like crazy and my mouth would dry up the first two times. The third time I took it, I became so sick I needed to vomit, my stomach hurt a lot and I had bad tremor. That's when I stopped. Don't drink that stuff guys.

  11. The product is not treating those diseases or problems in the body. The people taking this product is feeding themselves with healthy nutrition and in return their body becomes healthy again with their diet and exercise. If you put your body on the right regiment it's going to fall into a healthy state we all want to be in.

  12. I use herbal life here and there (it’s a bit pricey) and I’ve noticed a big difference when it comes to my energy and overall I feel better when I use it. I don’t think it cures tumors and makes you more fertile but it does help out start kick my diet. I have nothing but good things to say about it based on my experience.

  13. 10yeras ago Me n my boyfriend then husband now were trying to get pg. We tried for 4years nothing I gave up n started taking the product n sticking to the plans n lost so much weight with good diet n exercise. That my body was able to use the product that I put in to purify my body of the toxins and damage that I had done to it.
    not too long after starting the product and losing so much weight I want to say about a year-and-a-half I became pregnant with my first baby girl.
    So I truly believe that the product help purify my body and made me healthy and stable enough to conceive thank you Herbalife.

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