Organic Protein Powder For Diabetics

Organic Protein Powder For Diabetics


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– What is Whey Protein?
– How important is it?
– Does Whey Spike Blood glucose levels?
– Is whey bad for people with diabetes?
– Will whey ruin your kidneys?
– What does the research say about blood glucose, whey and diabetes?
– How to incorporate whey protein into your diabetes bodybuilding diet plan?
– and more…

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28 Replies to “Organic Protein Powder For Diabetics”

  1. I have diabetes type 1, I eat around 8K to 10K calories a day since I started training 3months ago. Now my weight is 85kg, it was 65 when I started, I'm 188cm so I was pretty thin. Not anymore tho, I don't have visible fat on my body probably because of my body type. My tip to you is to organize your eating, I eat once every other hour, about 6-7 meals a day, try avoiding sugar etc, but don't forget to vary the food you eat as you will experience that you need fiber and other things if you don't. Supplements are not needed if you just eat enough and well, but it can be cheaper for sure, just make sure to get the right one.

  2. Hi
    I m IDDM2.
    My fasting sugar currently is 89-120.
    During morning gyming I take zero sugar ,2 g carbs per serving Whey protein ISO.After the workout session my Sugar increases by 50 to 60 points.

    I wonder how can Sugar level go up?Am I taking wrong dose or timing is incorrect?

    Kindly guide.

  3. Absolutely whey protein spikes blood glucose levels, spikes my levels almost as hard as refined sugars just make sure you take a slightly larger dose of insulin post workout.

  4. Hello, I'm 15 and I am trying Calisthenics, type 1 diabeges, but I just don't know if I can use Whey Protein and is there a special one for people with diabetes or I can just buy a normal one. Please help

  5. sir…. i am 21 years old and from last 4 years i am hitting jym….since from many years i am following healthy diet nd exercise…..before i don't have any diseases……but from last 15 days my feet nd hell was painning while walking..nd also i started feeling little hungry nd thirsty….so i went to blood test lab… random test its shows 154 mg….and in fasting it shows 103 mg. 2 hours after meal its shows 140 mg…..sir please help me…i don't want to loss muscle…nd u dont want to quit fitness……actually i was i high calories diet from 2 months…..i was in gaining…….i am just 21 yer old…i have very long to live my life….please suggest me sir what i have to do……m worried

  6. Your channel is absolutely amazing. I cannot explain how happy I feel finally finding something CLOSELY related to bodybuilding and diabetes. After only 3 of your videos I have already ordered your book and am very looking forward to read it. Brilliant work !

  7. Thanks for another highly informative video Phil. Reading through your excellent book, and the Diabetic Shred that I bought and downloaded the other day (yes, I know it's aimed at T1 and I'm a T2 but I'm looking to glean information and adapt to building a new me), and thinking on making more use of whey protein during the day at work. To help with fat loss, reduce snacking events and reduce portion size, and consumption, of meals. Especially at work. I usually drink at least 3 litres of water a day at work so that should hopefully assist in the fat loss and effect of the whey protein. And I need to make use of the casein I have at home, as a "just before bed" addition to my overall diet. I don't mind the BS spikes if I know it's come from a good, and healthy, source.

  8. I am diabetic and some people say the protein is bad for Renal disease beauce diabetic people have some problem with their Renal disease so can i buy whey or not ? please answer

  9. I avoid whey protein now because my glucose levels typically rise after 30 min – 1 hour. It's a learning experience. As diabetics, you have to really come to understanding your own body. Thanks for this tidbit, Phil.

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