Organic Protein Powder For Heart

Organic Protein Powder For Heart

Organic Protein Powder For Heart | Women, Low-Fat Diets & Heart Disease w/ Nina Teicholz

Nina Teicholz spent nearly a decade of her life unearthing science that pundits pushing the diet-heart hypothesis hoped no one would find.

Today she reveals the big takeaways from research and conversations she’s had with scientists in the field of nutrition.

The Big Fat Surprise: Healthy Diet:

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04:50 Many of our deeply held nutrition beliefs are wrong.
06:30 Ancel Keys only selected evidence that confirmed his ideas and bullied out of existence evidence to the contrary.
09:01 Keys tried to bury the flawed data.
10:05 The Framingham Study data proved that saturated fat had no correlation with heart disease.
11:27 Multiple forces worked to keep this hypothesis in place.
15:22 Vegetable oils were not meant for human consumption. Vegetable oils were unstable and easily go rancid/oxidate.
16:03 The hardening process to make margarine or Crisco, called hydrogenation, produces trans fats.
16:46 When unstable oils are heated, even at room temperature, they oxidize and degrade into hundreds of oxidized products.
17:46 Polyunsaturated vegetable oils show higher rates of death from cancer.
19:40 Americans used to eat 3 to 4 times more red meat than we do today.
24:02 The advice to eat mainly fruits, vegetables and grains is not supported by all the science.
25:27 The nutrients that we need, in their most bioavailable form, come from animal foods.
26:43 The most nutrient dense food on the planet is probably liver. Our ancestors ate organ meats. When predators kill prey, they go for the organs first.
20:38 All foods are a combination of different kinds of fats.
32:54 For women, a low fat diet has no meaningful effect upon weight loss, preventing type 2 diabetes, preventing heart disease or preventing any kind of cancer.
34:05 Low fat diets may increase a woman’s risk of heart disease. Her levels of HDL (good) cholesterol fall and often triglyceride levels rise.
35:07 Many studies become “silent studies”. Since the results do not fit the narrative, they are forgotten and disappear from the literature.
36:27 Over 70 clinical trials have been done on a low carb diet, but researchers cannot get their studies published.
39:15 Researchers in the field of nutrition science stay within the realm of acceptable discourse in their field. This is why the new science about carbohydrate restriction came from people not in the field of nutrition.
43:08 60% of study diabetics on the ketogenic diet were able to reverse their diabetes. In the nutrition field, it is considered impossible.
47:16 Meat is a healthy food that contains vitamins and minerals that you cannot find elsewhere.
51:10 Eat more saturated fat to raise your HDL. Triglycerides are driven by your carbohydrate intake.
56:26 The Mediterranean diet was not scientific. It was a commercial product developed the European Olive Oil Association.
01:01:35 Epidemiology shows association, but not causation. Where their findings are tested in randomized control clinical trials, the Harvard School of Health correlation studies are correct only 0 to 20% of the time.
01:03:20 The dietary guidelines for Americans are not based in evidence. They are the most important nutrition policy in the world.
01:04:45 How do we get dietary guidelines based on rigorous evidence from clinical trials?
01:06:29 The Nutrition Coalition was founded by Nina. They work in Washington to ensure that we have guidelines based on good evidence.

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