Organic Protein Powder For Pregnancy

Organic Protein Powder For Pregnancy

Organic Protein Powder For Pregnancy | Supplements during Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

What sports supplements are safe to take while Pregnant or Breastfeeding. What to stay away from, what I personally took, and why muscle recovery is SO slow during pregnancy!

I am a Registered Nurse as well as an IFBB Bikini Pro (professional athlete) as well as a mom of 2!

** ALWAYS talk to your doctor before taking any supplements while pregnant or breastfeeding 🙂

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18 Replies to “Organic Protein Powder For Pregnancy”

  1. I would love a video of how you tracked macros/calories (if you did) while breastfeeding and what your work outs looked like immediately post partum. I didn't work out during this pregnancy because I was so sick the better part of it and because chasing after our twins and keeping up with the house felt like enough. I just had my second c section three weeks ago. I took castor oil (thanks to your video) at 41 weeks and got myself into labor. I labored naturally for over 15 hours and pushed for 5 total. I wanted my vbac so badly but baby wouldn't descend so they had to go in and get him. Then he went to the nicu so that was another challenge. Anyway, I'm super anxious to get back to lifting and get my strength back and lose some more weight (responsibly.) hope you are well, I love your videos!!!

    Ps: sorry for putting my whole life story ☺️

  2. I have never had kids, but I'm following this person on IG that is not a NPC competitor, or bodybuilder, but rather she just eats non gmo & is so strict, avoids the microwave. yet, she still drinks coffee & is breastfeeding. Her son is over a year old, what are your thoughts on that? because I agree with what you said regarding, whatever you eat, your baby gets too

  3. Do you know if it matters what kind of whey protein you use? I'm planning on getting pregnant with my 3rd as soon as possible and my first pregnancy I wasn't very fit and my second pregnancy I was pretty fit kept lifting and everything! But now with my third I want to be sooo fit if I can be! Haha I want to use protein powder and I'm not sure if there's certain kinds that aren't safe

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