Organic Protein Powder For Smoothies

Organic Protein Powder For Smoothies

Organic Protein Powder For Smoothies | 4 Unique Protein Smoothie Recipes

Eating your fruits and veggies can be hard sometimes, we get it. That’s why we teamed up with Chef Billy Parisi to give you four different and amazingly delectable ways to drink your fruits and veggies! Our protein smoothie recipes contain all the healthy goodness your body is craving.

Our first smoothie is a Kale & Hemp Protein Smoothie, Don’t be turned off by our usage of kale! We know kale can be unruly, bitter, and maybe even just plain nasty to some. However, combine kale with tangy pineapple, sweet apples and pears, creamy bananas, and our nutty hemp protein, and you will be swimming in a green drink nirvana. Not only does this hemp protein smoothie taste good, but it is good for you! Packed with plant based protein (14 grams per serving), fiber, and iron, your body will thank you for the yummy nutrients.

Next up; a decadent Strawberry-Chocolate Protein Smoothie. This one is super simple, but packed with superfoods. Sweet and tangy strawberries, avocado to make the smoothie extra creamy, coconut milk and chocolate protein powder. Don’t be mistaken, our chocolate protein powder is no ordinary protein powder. This vegan protein powder is enhanced with chia seeds, probiotics and sweetened with monk fruit extract. A good source of omega-3, iron and fiber, this Chocolate Protein Smoothie won’t disappoint.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy breakfast smoothie on the go, our Vanilla Protein Smoothie made with almond milk and almond butter is the one for you. With the addition of our thick cut oats and our nutritional boosting vanilla protein powder, this vanilla almond protein smoothie with keep you satisfied all morning.

Last but certainly not least, is our Vegetable Pea Protein Smoothie. This is not the normal sweet smoothie, but a savory one! Don’t knock it ‘till you try it, and trust us, you will definitely want to try this one! Think; bloody mary mix meets healthy pea protein smoothie. Beets provide a rich ruby red color, a slight sweetness, and is a good source of iron. Add spinach, tomato juice, worcestershire and horseradish for that iconic bloody mary flavor and you have a healthy and delicious savory smoothie.

Try one or all of these smoothies!

Recipes in the link below:


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