Organic Protein Powder Gluten And Dairy Free

Organic Protein Powder Gluten And Dairy Free

Organic Protein Powder Gluten And Dairy Free | What I Eat in a Day – vegan & gluten free (and high protein)

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Breakfast – Overnight Oats
***Rolled oats with almond milk, cinnamon, vanilla extract, sugar-free maple syrup from Maple Grove Farms, and Vega Sport protein powder (Berry flavor). Refrigerate overnight. Add desired fruit.
400 calories
24g protein
60g carbs
10g fat

Pre-Gym Snack – Protein Bar
***Garden of Life – Peanut Butter Chocolate protein bar (I prefer Vega brand for vegan protein bars. Their chocolate peanut butter one is SO good!)
200 calories
14g protein
26g carbs
8g fat

Post-Gym Snack – Avocado Breakfast Sandwich
***2 slices of Olivia super-free bread, toasted with 1 slice of Follow Your Heart pepper jack cheese. Add mashed avocado to one slice of bread and season with garlic powder and pepper. Pan-fry Sol Cuisine’s breakfast patties in oil and salt and pepper. Cook until golden brown on the outside. Assemble sandwich ☺
450 calories
16g protein
47g carbs
22g fat

Lunch – Cauliflower Rice Stir-Fry
*** Cook frozen riced cauliflower in pan with no oil or seasonings until all water is cooked off. Remove cauliflower from pan and sauté Trader Joe’s Asian style veggies in Tamari (gluten free soy-sauce), San-J’s teriyaki stir-fry/marinade sauce, and Trader Joe’s toasted sesame oil. When the veggies are about halfway through cooking, add Wildwood’s pre-baked savory tofu to veggie stir-fry. Cook for a couple minutes, then mix in cauliflower.
225 calories
19g protein
20g carbs
11g fat

Dinner – Lentil Pasta
*** Cook Ancient Harvest’s red lentil pasta in boiling water. Drain, and then add pasta sauce and spinach to pot with noodles. Cook on low heat until spinach is cooked through and sauce is warm
440 calories
28g protein
71g carbs
5g fat

Totals: 1750 calories
101g protein
56g fat
224g carbs
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34 Replies to “Organic Protein Powder Gluten And Dairy Free”

  1. Ty so much and if you did a series on this I would watch every single one because I want to adopt a vegan diet but every time I do, I gain so much weight and can’t get no goddam protein!

  2. i feel like this is such a strange compliment but your morning face is strangely so prettyy?! like its not just your makeup-less face which is already beautiful but your morning slightly puffy face is oddly cute

  3. Tofu isn’t derived from soy? I’m not sure what brand rolled oats your using but I thought that was gluten too. Or do you just find products that say “no gluten” and “no soy” like the teriyaki sauce?

  4. OMG you look sooooo much younger without makeup (in m book that's a compliment). So cute! And super great skin. What is your routine? Or you don't really have serious skin issues that you don't really need to pamper it?

  5. Everything you made looks so flavorful and delicious. I used to weigh 130ish but kiddos happened and I gained a lot of weight. I'm definitely going to try some of your recipes. Please do more videos like this if possible. Thank You! ❤

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