Organic Protein Powder Good For You

Organic Protein Powder Good For You

Organic Protein Powder Good For You | Royal Farm Senior Organic Whey Protein Powder

Organic Whey Protein – Senior

A good old age is characterized by an active life, independence, freedom, dignity, respect and close family ties. And not least, a good and healthy diet.

The healthy diet has been a key focus area for Royal Farm for many years. Because when you reach a certain age, it is not unusual to lose your appetite from time to time. This is also why it is so important to make sure your body gets the fluid and protein it needs.

Energy is drinkable

Royal Farm’s whey protein powder is produced to the highest standards. A Danish product that not only meets your body’s need for important protein and gives you more energy – but also tastes great in a pure organic version.

At Royal Farm, however, we are not easily satisfied. So we have further developed our protein powder and added organic rhubarb – which is rich on healthy fibers – and organic blueberries to enhance the great taste.

Everyone is entitled to organic Danish milk

In Denmark, we have a long history of drinking milk products of high quality and we hope that our products will help extend this idea to the rest of the world.


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