Organic Protein Powder Good Or Bad

Organic Protein Powder Good Or Bad

Organic Protein Powder Good Or Bad | Soy to Eat & Soy to Avoid-Transformation TV-Episode #023

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Soy has been touted as a health food, but other health professionals tell you to stay away. Dr. Axe clears up the soy controversy by explaining what forms of soy you should eat and what forms you should avoid.

-Soy can be healthy or harmful. It all depends on the form of soy you are consuming.
-In 1995, Monsanto began genetically modifying soybeans. In 1997, 8% of soybeans were genetically modified. In 2010, 93% of soybeans were genetically modified.
-Processed, isolated soy contains phytoestrogens, which have been linked to cancer, heart disease, and hormonal imbalance.

-Soy formulas are harmful for babies.
-Healthy alternatives for babies who cannot drink breast milk include goat milk and coconut milk formulas:

-Fermented soy contains health benefits and can help prevent cancer, reverse heart disease, promote anti-aging, and promote immune and digestive functions because it contains beneficial bacteria and probiotics.

Soy to Avoid:
-Soy Milk
-Processed Soy Proteins
-Soy Milk Formulas

Soy to Consume:
-Natto: contains Vitamin K2 to promote bone health, prevent cancer, and prevent blood-clotting

Replace soy milk with almond milk or coconut milk

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  1. Just bought some olive oil mayo – the 2nd ingredient is soybean oil – 3rd ingredient is olive oil (LOL). So soybean OIL isn't mentioned in this video. But I'm guessing soybean oil bad too.

  2. Did you know that companies can buy “USDA ORGANIC” labels for a price??!!! Don’t make such ignorant comments ppl. You are the commercial systems ginny-pigs. Eat Raw food in its purist form possible. Nothing boxed, nothing packaged or nothing bagged. Nothing canned and nothing bottled. And nothing with a mom or dad. PERIOD.

  3. As a Seniors and cardiac patients, using advise from Dr Axe,who has friends in my area who helped me get well and prepare for Cardiac surgery I am SO GRATEFUL for the SON of work done by THIS man— Jealous TROLLS need to stay OFF this page… Remember the GOLDEN rule–IF you cannot say anything NICE about someone don't say anything at all… FOLKS –BEFORE YOU BASH SOMEONE—DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH—JUST AS YOU WANT OTHERS TO DO ON YOU…

  4. to those who are wondering,

    YES! Soy does have estrogen in it. So does most to all fruits and vegetables. They are all plant ovaries. Ofc they have estrogen in them. Its called phytoestrogen which doesnt affect you since your not a plant. The milk that was created from raped cows/goats has animal estrogen which DOES affect you. Don't believe me? Then why do girls have their first periods at 10 – 12 years old instead of 14 – 17?

    YES! Plant estrogen affects plants, not beings that eat plants. Animal estrogen doesnt affect plants. Its like putting a square into a hexagon. It just doesnt combine.

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