Organic Protein Powder Good Or Bad

Organic Protein Powder Good Or Bad

Organic Protein Powder Good Or Bad | 3 Most Critical Times To Consume Protein


Confused over protein? You aren’t alone. The number of people who either don’t understand how much protein to take in each day or don’t know when the most optimal times to eat it is overwhelming.

In fact, many people don’t even realize that their diet is so low in protein, it’s the most significant factor preventing their success.

Protein is essential for everyone. Man, woman, young, old, training or not, you need protein. Women especially often don’t get enough because they think that eating more protein and particularly taking a protein supplement means they’ll get big and bulky.

I want to assure you that’s not the case. Women simply don’t possess the hormones necessary to pack on lots of muscle mass, especially overnight. It would take years and years of hard work to gain appreciable muscle, and often a number of other supplements.

Back to the protein issue, you must take in protein with each and every meal during the day. Ideally you should be at around 1 gram per pound of body weight each day, depending on your lean body mass (LBM) to fat ratio. Remember the more lean muscle you have, the higher in proportion to your body weight your protein intake will be.

This protein will help with muscle regeneration and synthesis as well as help you put in maximum performance in each workout you do.

All of this said, there are three critical times that you really need to focus on getting more. Let me show you these three times, so you can ensure you aren’t missing out.


Take a look at your usual morning meal. Does it go a little something like this?

½ cup oatmeal with some cinnamon on top along with some fresh fruit and a couple slices of toast?

If so, this is a huge diet disaster. There’s virtually no protein or healthy fat in this meal, so you’ll be in for a quick energy boost followed by an even quicker and more significant energy crash.

If you always feel horrible mid-morning, your breakfast is why. Try changing it up. The oatmeal and fruit are ok at best, but add some protein and healthy fats in there.

A few eggs or slices of lean turkey bacon along with some avocado or a small handful of nuts will do the trick. Eat this and watch your energy level soar – all the way until lunch. Aim for 30 grams minimum at breakfast.

Post Workout

You’ve likely heard of the ‘post workout window’ before. This basically means there’s a short time post workout when your body is prepared to take up any nutrients you feed it rapidly. This means faster recovery and faster results – if you feed yourself properly.

Aim for some protein along with carbohydrates within 30-60 minutes post workout. Keep fat out of the picture during this time as it’ll just slow down digestion, which is opposite of what you want here.

Before Bed

Finally, you need to prepare your body for the overnight fast. This means eating enough quality protein that your body feeds off those amino acids all night long.

While some people choose to go with a casein protein here, do your research on casein first. It isn’t the protein source it’s cracked up to be (and actually used to create glue if you can believe that).

Instead, I’d go for a quality whey isolate or even better, pick up my new primal body protein, coming out with my brand new supplement line at the start of the new year. This way you can feel good about what you’re putting into your body.

Mix that protein with some whole fat plain yogurt and a few berries and you’ll have the perfect pre-bed meal on your hands.

Remember, these are just the three most important times to eat protein, not the only times. Eat protein with each meal and snack you consume and you’ll be feeling and looking better in no time.


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