Organic Protein Powder Grass Fed

Organic Protein Powder Grass Fed

Organic Protein Powder Grass Fed | The BEST FISH / My Current Protein Choice


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19 Replies to “Organic Protein Powder Grass Fed”

  1. good video. I am 6 feet and was 210 pounds (atleast 35% body fat) an year back, started training and now I am 172 pounds with 19% body fat. Never tried any artificial supplements for training in my life. But lately I noticed I cannot gain weight even though I am doing some good lift (atleast for me eg: 300 pounds 3 reps dead lift) and trying to eat. After some online searches, videos and articles, I think protein supplements and some recovery supplements had to be ingested for some gains. So ordered protein powder for the first time in my life and guess what? I was searching for any video where someone talking about it. Found this video really helpful. I hope you had some gains.

  2. have you researched Brown rice protein? I may get some, but I'm not a fan of whey…and also in general, I don't use protein supplements..I think it's overated/ overdone…I just get the minimum. I also believe in massive amounts of water intake.

  3. You're really mellow and easy to listen too. You come across as very knowledgeable, and I like that you care about what you put into you're body, and because of that people (at least me) like to use the same stuff you do. Thank you.

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