Organic Protein Powder Grass Fed

Organic Protein Powder Grass Fed

Organic Protein Powder Grass Fed | Is Organic Grass Fed Whey Protein Powder Worth It?

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Is Organic Grass Fed Whey Protein Powder Worth It?

There’s no question that whey is a great source of protein for those following a muscle building or fat loss program. It’s very high quality, it’s convenient, and it will help you meet your daily protein needs in a much more simple and streamlined way.

But with “all natural” and “organic” diets taking off in popularity these days, many supplement companies now offer grass fed whey protein, promoting it as a superior alternative to regular whey.

But is organic whey protein worth it, and should you invest in a grass fed whey protein isolate instead?

If you really take a look at the supposed benefits and then examine the science behind it, using organic whey protein powder probably isn’t necessary for most people. If you want to use it for ethical reasons that’s totally fine, but in terms of actual quality, it’s not going to be any better.

Regular whey does contain a small amount of growth hormone (just like grass fed protein powder does), but this is simply the naturally occurring GH from the cow itself and is so tiny (roughly one one-millionth of a gram per liter) that it won’t even be digested by your body.

The same thing holds true of the steroid content. It is so miniscule that it can’t even be tested for, and using organic whey is not going to be any more “healthy” in this regard in comparison to regular whey.

As far as antibiotics go, any reputable company will heavily test for this anyway, and it won’t be an issue of concern as long as you stick to a high quality brand.

So, is organic whey better than regular whey? Based on the available evidence, no, and it’s also far more expensive as well. Unless it’s for ethical reasons, don’t bother with a grass fed protein shake and just stick to standard whey instead.


23 Replies to “Organic Protein Powder Grass Fed”

  1. Total bullshit! I bet you if this was the other way around and you was selling grass fed whey instead garbage whey, you would be saying the total opposite. Are you also going to say that steak from grass fed cows is the same as steak from a factory farmed cows that are fed nothing but gmo corn and soy? Antiboitics are used because factory farmed cows are sick. You rarely have antibiotic being administered to grass fed cows because they get sunshine and eat their natural diet. How about free range chicken and eggs, are they the same also? I understand that you're trying to push a product but to say that the two whey products are basically the same is nonsense.

  2. I disagree the regular whey protein has a lot of other ingredients he didn't say that grass fed doesn't, the matter of the fact is anything organic is always going to be a better healthy choice than anything man made chemically, so Grass fed is the way to go

  3. Ok but in tye ingredients they add all kind of shit in almost all protien like soy gom s lecithin flavers it's not tye milk am worry about from tye cow ther is only one clean protien I found in USA is called wonder whey is clean has nothing in t pure my second best one is from muscle feast

  4. Its not just that, the quality of inferior proteins taste like shit. The more natural, organic, grassfed, non gmo, etc… these things are the better they taste. Want to be proved wrong? Go buy a supermarket SKINLESS chicken breast then buy the organic non gmo SKINLESS one in whole foods. Tell me there is no difference in taste. Ok… well thats for me. You guys do whatever you want.

  5. If most reputable company's reject milk with antibiotics then why don't they disclose that ? Or have certificates of third parties lab testing done? I don't see optimum nutrition or dymatize doing that.

  6. If you're not aware Junior ANY thing grass fed is good for you be it milk, beef, etc. The major benefit is grass fed beef and milk contain CLA which burns fat. Grain fed does not produce this huge benefit.

  7. But dont pay a fortune for a couple of lbs of organic chicken breast when you can get the same quality from the regular supermarket . As long as everyone demands good food there is no reason why we cant all have everything be natural/organic and have this be the standard eventually .

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