Organic Protein Powder Hair Loss

Organic Protein Powder Hair Loss

Organic Protein Powder Hair Loss | Healthy Hair Growth Smoothie

Today, I’ll share with you one of my favourite power smoothie recipes to help grow relaxed hair faster and healthier. This is so easy for you to make at home.

Here’s the list of ingredients:

* Kale for antixidants
* 1 pear
* Handful of raspberries
* Ice
* Almond milk or rice milk (you can put cow’s milk if you’d like, I just don’t use it in my smoothie because I find it too heavy-tasting)
* A protein powder to hold you until lunch (I love Genuine Health Protein)
* Water


13 Replies to “Organic Protein Powder Hair Loss”

  1. The list gets longer, I now have to add to my list of hair duties, Deep condition, trim, co wash, Protect my hair, take pills, and now drink this smoothie, to keep my hair healthy.

  2. excessive protein intake can comtibute to obesity, koz any energy_providing nutrient consumed in excess is converted as fat and stored. ur body only takes the little portion that it needs, so keep that in mind. Don't go crazy on the smmothie even though it is a grrreat recipe, specifically if u know u don't like to drink water.

  3. Great video I started this shake 3 days ago without protein. I'm going to continue this for 60 days then I will try it with protein. I stick with the pear but I mix the raspberries. I use papaya or mango just so I'm not bored with the taste

  4. if you mix all those ingredients, do you still taste the actual flavor of the protein? i force my self to drink protein shakes, but i dont like the taste, i bought the genuine health protein today and i dont like it, i tried doing a strawberry-banana smoothie with the protein but i can still taste the flavor of the protein.i dont like it, btw, does this protein actually helps your hair to growth?

  5. This is not the vegan formula. They do have a vegan one made with rice power, but this protein from Genuine Health is not vegan. If you cannot drink protein, crush nuts to include the protein part and use the other ingredients. The most important ones being the greens! Thanks for the feedback.

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