Organic Protein Powder Hair Loss

Organic Protein Powder Hair Loss

Organic Protein Powder Hair Loss | Does Whey Protein Cause Hair Loss? Truth about Protein Shakes!

Do protein powders cause hair loss and if not every one, then how should you choose the right protein powder?


00:55 – How Whey Protein is being produced?
02:25 – Why some Whey proteins can cause Hair Loss?
03:56 – Good and Bad Whey Protein Powders if you already have
Hair Loss.
05:20 – Creatine and Hair Loss
06:15 – Real food sources of best quality protein you can consume
instead of protein powder for better hair quality.
07:45 – Importance of consuming enough Iron from meats and
other protein sources.

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21 Replies to “Organic Protein Powder Hair Loss”

  1. i hav used gold standard whey protein which i bought from indian market but aftr 3 mnths i notice hair fall and thinning… i hav bought another protein True Athlete whch i bought from dublin….i m confused should i use it or not???pls help

  2. what about working out in general?

    lifting weights –> more testosteron –> more dht ?

    i would like to start working out , short intense interval training with weights , but i do not want to be all bulky , i just want to achieve a nice lean body, afterall i need to build a little bit of extra muscle so it requires working out with weights
    i had a hairtransplant, so i do not want another one anytime soon

    any tips?

  3. Hello dude how's U? Your Channel is really good, it helps a lot. I guess I will my hair transplant in next 9 months. I am looking for a good clinic making a closer inspection I found You. I took a look on the website of the clinic You have suggested. They have really good offer. The thing I am not sure about is .. Do They cover travel expenses? I mean flight tickets? or? Best Magic Regards

  4. At present I’m not a terribly technical minded human being but this was ideal for me simply because include quite clear instructions as it basically takes a short while to get up and running. It turned out a no-brainer to me! First, is the introduction manuals that gives a clear lay-out as well as brief reference guide. I honestly was able to get started instantly, the approach was extremely easy to understand. The three week diet plan helps it be a piece of cake. Learn more here

  5. Nice video! I got a question brother! I have been taking creatine for a long time now and also noticed some hair loss. If I stop taking it, will my hair regrow again?

  6. Awesome video bro. I got my hair transplant August 25 in Istanbul Turkey. 4500 grafts. Are used to teach body fortress protein shake did experience a little loss of hair. Definitely going to switch to the plant-based protein and eat more too. I Mainly eat chicken breast and broccoli five times a day.

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