Organic Protein Powder Health Benefits

Organic Protein Powder Health Benefits

Organic Protein Powder Health Benefits | Why Is Protein Important?

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Today I want to talk about the importance of protein and how it can benefit your physical performance and overall health. Whether you’re a weekend warrior, trying to lose weight, or a regular athlete, protein benefits everyone. Protein is the building block of our cells and muscles. It improves your metabolism, fat-burning potential, and supports your body’s tissues and cells. The average person needs about half their body weight in protein. If you weigh 150 pounds, then you need about 75 grams of protein a day. The best forms of protein you should be consuming are grass-fed beef, organic chicken and turkey, wild-caught salmon, grass-fed organic dairy products, quality protein powders, plant-based sources of protein, flax and chia seeds, and other nuts and seeds and beans.

The biggest benefits of consuming protein include fat-burning, improving muscle recovery, healing cuts and wounds, essential for fighting diabetes and blood sugar, essential for brain function, essential for cholesterol, and high energy levels. When buying protein, making sure it’s from grass-fed, organic, natural sources.

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  1. Today I couldn't explain properly to a lady that it was saying, we don't need to count or keep an eye to the protein intake even if we are vegetarian as there isn't exist protein deficienc, how can I explain properly that she isn't right? Thanks

  2. Always thought these people sipping protein all the time were nuts…..until I saw how much you need a day and when. I started working out and weight lifting. Protein is a must!!!

  3. its this guy freakin kidding me???? 1/2 of our body weight in protein!? NO ONE in a first world country who eats a variety of whole foods is protein deficient in any way….. Now maybe fiber deficiency, that's what he should be talking about.

    What the heck is "quality" protein anyways? No one uses a whole protein, we break all protein down into amino acids then use that to build our own protein. We do NOT need more protein. 1/2 your weight in grams as protein is overkill. 0.4 grams per pound of body weight is what the NIH recommends. This guy is full of crap

  4. Statements like "You need half your body weight in protein" make me loose faith in your knowledge. I've seen you make this statement in articles too. Half your body weight if you were 150 pounds would be 75 pounds, not 75 gms…so that statement is not accurate, it has to be translated into what you must mean…I suggest stating that you use this formula:
    Take your body weight, and think of it as grams, then divide that amount of grams in half to get the your amount of daily protein intake.
    Then please give some idea of how you came to determine this required amount ( formula).

  5. We all have way too much protein in modern diets and there is plenty of protein in vegetables. You don't need meat, fish and dairy.  The clue is grass fed beef, big strong animals only eat veg. If you just eat your daily calories in broccoli you will get enough protein! As an athlete I  recover much better now I am vegan.

  6. Listen to josh axe, a doctor of chiropractic medicine. This guys credentials are just as valid as a high school education in terms of nutrition.

    I don’t know how this guy has over 875k subscribers lol.

  7. Typical minion of the petrochemical cartel promoting myths. (The petrochemical industry controls all healthcare and banking BTW). There is NO SUCH THING as "not enough protein". The only circumstances where one wouldn't have enough protein would be under abject starvation. It's like being worried about bringing enough sand to the beach.
    Go do as you're trained and go sell some drugs and perform unnecessary proceeders on gluttons. Stop promoting lies.

  8. Does your body take ammino acids from the body making up the skin and pretty much everything when you eat foods the void of Enzymes such as Onion soup and I understand that bacteria in the gut produce digestive Enzymes so I ask the question if one has dysbiosis can this cause sever systemic issues across the whole system of the body

  9. Dr Axe I love videos. Most of all that your a believer. I am just starting to eat clean and exercise for weight loss. I am not exercising much yet so what how much protein should I be taking in for fat lose?

  10. hi I was wondering what the best Protein Bars are the best? I've recently been buying the brand THINK THIN? is this healthy? I love chocolate and usually get hungry after a workout, so why not eat a protein bar right?! lol could you give me a list of Healthy-Good tasting bars that you can buy at like walmart or a grocery store?!

  11. Yes organic is good for u we all know that but it's also expensive and when you're on a budget it's really hard to buy all organic. Now I'm feeling scared because I can't afford organic does that mean I'm in bad health? =/

  12. Hello Dracxe i really like your videos espiacilly the one about acne helped me very much to get over it.
    I do have a qurstion:
    What do vyou think about the low fat diets which are now really coming and there are doctors like mcdougall essylstyn campell who claim thats very beneficial to do so and that it can remove heart disease diabetes…?
    Would be great to have an opinion on that

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