Organic Protein Powder Heavy Metals

Organic Protein Powder Heavy Metals

Organic Protein Powder Heavy Metals | Cilantro Heavy Metal Detox, Top 3 Reasons to Eat or Juice It

Cilantro, also referred to as Chinese parsley, is the tender soft green leaves of the coriander plant, Coriandrum sativum. Although the leaves are widely used as a culinary herb and raw garnish, both the leaf and stem can also be used for therapeutic purposes, especially when consumed in higher amounts through blending, juicing or as an extract concentrate. Learn more about the top 3 health benefits of cilantro and its researched effects on detoxifying heavy metals from the body.

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Health Benefits of Cilantro Page:

Additional Sourced Info:

Current approaches of the management of mercury poisoning:
Role of mercury (Hg) in resistant infections & effective treatment of Chlamydia trachomatis and Herpes family viral infection by removing localized Hg deposits with Chinese parsley:
Significant mercury deposits in internal organs following the removal of dental amalgam:
Preventive effect of Coriandrum sativum (Chinese parsley) on localized lead deposition in ICR mice:
Prophylactic efficacy of Coriandrum sativum (Coriander) on testis of lead-exposed mice:
The Analgesic Effects of Different Extracts of Aerial Parts of Coriandrum Sativum in Mice:
Reversal of memory deficits by Coriandrum sativum leaves in mice:
Coriander Leaf Extract Exerts Antioxidant Activity and Protects Against UVB-Induced Photoaging of Skin:

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