Organic Protein Powder Heavy Metals

Organic Protein Powder Heavy Metals

Organic Protein Powder Heavy Metals | Dangers of Protein Drinks

Commercial protein drinks are meant for boosting protein level in the body; however, undesired substances also enter the body through protein supplemental drinks and cause undesired effects. Heavy metal contaminant is one of the undesired substance, and can accumulate to a risky level with multiple servings of protein drinks per day. U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP) set the daily limit for heavy contaminants of arsenic – 15µg; lead – 10µg; cadmium – 5µg; mercury – 15µg. Arsenic, lead, and cadmium are all found to be close to the daily limit. Pro-hormones are also found, with or without being listed on the ingredient label. Pro-hormones are found to disturb natural hormonal balance in the body and may be harmful in growth or sex development in adolescents and children, and other undesired side effects on adults. Besides, high protein level is not necessarily beneficial to the body and causes an extra burden to kidneys. Most U.S. adult can obtain sufficient protein in their diet from natural sources.


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  1. Taking performance enhancement and muscle building supplements are for those with weak mind. And as a consequence of their shortcut, their body will break down over time.

  2. As somebody who used to use protein powder and stopped using it because of its pointlessness, I still find this video weak. It is common sense that a large percentage of the men go to the gym and exercise so they can look “jacked”. Women go to the gym , typically to lose weight or “trim”. Protein powder is also geared toward a male audience (hint hint). I haven’t really seen a woman chugging down a shaker loaded with muscle milk or super pump any time recently.

  3. Fuck doctors they only want your money they cure nothing ever unless it's a cold or flu or infections because there is no money in the cure… But the FDA regularly puts drugs out that kill millions of people … FUCK THIS BIAS REVIEW BIAS AS FUCK … WHAT'S THE POINT OF THE ASIAN INTERVIEWER I DON'T GET THAT AT ALL … SUPPLEMENTS DONT KILL ANYWHERE NEAR BY ANY STRETCH OF THE IMAGINATION MORE THEN BIG FARMA DOES FUCKKKKK YOU !!! CUNT PIG

  4. Just because something isnt FDA approved doesn't mean its bad for you. When something
    isnt FDA approved its most likely because that company didn't have enough cash to buy their
    approval. Thousands of drugs with FDA approval have killed all the while the FDA knew. Just
    turn on your TV during the Afternoon time, You will see commercials asking " do you know
    someone or have a family member that has taken ( drug name) and has died or has been
    critically injured because use of the drug" Good ole FDA .

  5. more protein will reduce test by 50% if more then 3 scoops or 80g trib works like a sarm not a booster it will also reduce it by 5% its all about less not more the gorilla gets 150g 250g from raw fruits and veg but eats 15kg 25kg a day its in the right ratios so is healthy but as a concentrat becomes a poison everything in balance

  6. Well… sometimes eating protein foods takes time for the kidneys to breakdown and then absorb the protein which takes lot of time especially when you're eating 30-40 grams protein
    per meal and having 6-7 meals a day…. Hence, whey protein will not damage if you consume post workout and eating healthy along with your training

  7. I have been drinking protein for over 50 years and I am still alive, strong and still in the gym 6 days a week. Notice the people trying to convince you, have never seen a workout let alone did one.

  8. Feminist propaganda here, I do not believe for 1 second NO women she interviewed said they take supplements, it's impossible to go to anywhere in the world (especially countries as big as America) and NOT find any women who don't use it, and it's a complete lie that MOST protein shakes aren't FDA approved cause shops (ignoring supplement stores that focus on bodybuilding) wouldn't sell them without the FDA seal so this is feminist fear mongering bullshit, I take protein shakes as a liquid fast when I am sliming down and have not suffered the side effects this video claims to happen and it's actually proven that people need heavy metals as a way to produce iron in the blood and keep their weight up, it passes in the urine like all stuff as it's minuscule levels not the level this video states that causes brain damage like stop falsifying studies for fuck sake if you don't like it then fuck off and let people who take it take it

  9. If a educated doctor says don't drink protein then I would say drink it doctors are trained to sell you chemicals that kill you no dump the protein and go on a statains and blood pressure meds like educated drugs salesman say ups I mean doctors then you'll be fine !!!!

  10. stay away from protein powders….you do not need them…try physically by eating real food…i am writing here because many people here comment like being doctors….when a bodybuilder that takes money from brands to promote their products says something, it does not mean that he is an expert that everybody should take seriously anything he says….do not be jealous if the other in gym can lift more weights than you by taking supplements during or after workouts…..make your workout plan only physically, eat more fish more chicken less fats… more real food….or make your own natural protein shaker by using eggs, oatmeal, fruits, yogurt, nuts,walnuts,milk,peanut butter,honey and cocoa powder….and it will be much better than ordinary whey protein shakers…..

  11. Lots of preventable acute renal failure (ARF). Take a physiology class to learn how YOUR body works rather than listening to supplement marketing bullshit. Do the majority even know how the kidney works ? I fucking doubt it ~

  12. I prefer a hard and intense workout with a healthy meal than taking protein. The way I see it is, taking protein is like taking a little shortcut which I don't wanna do since I truely wanna see what I'm capable of with my own effort. Everyone is free to choose the method they wanna follow to work their body, but I for one wanna see my limit.

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